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Nintendo Switch (ニ テ ド ー スイッチ, Nintendo Suit chi?) Is a video game console developed by Nintendo. Understood in advancement by its name code NO, it was announced in October 2016 and also was released worldwide on March 3, 2017.
Nintendo considers Switch a crossbreed console. It can be made use of as a desktop computer console with the main system inserted into a coupling station to connect it with a TELEVISION. Conversely, it can be removed from the base as well as made use of similarly to a tablet with its touch screen, or positioned on a surface many thanks to its integrated plastic support, being noticeable by a number of players.
The switch utilizes 2 cordless controllers called JOY-CON, that includes 4 common activity buttons as well as a directional joystick, along with sensing units for high-definition touch motion and also touch responses, although they differ on some buttons and also additional attributes. 2 joy-with can be connected per side of the console to be used as a mobile console, connect to the Grip device provided alongside the console for use as a more conventional control, or be utilized independently in hand as the Wii control, as well as This way is utilized with regional multiplayer games. You can additionally use certain cordless as well as/ or wireless controls that does not consist of the console, adopted as Pro Controller, that include the same features as typical controls with the exemption that this includes NFC detection for Amino as well as HD resonance.
Gaming for this console and various other applications are offered as Flash ROM physical cartridges and as a digital distribution, as well as do not utilize region blockade. The switch completes on the market of the video clip gaming consoles with its contemporary PlayStation 5 of Microsoft as well as Xbox Series X’S in spite of the truth that these 2 contend with each other.
The concept of the switch became a Nintendo response to several quarters of economic losses in 2014, credited to the poor sales of its previous console, Wii U, along with higher competition in the Gaming Market for mobile phones. Ultimately, the head of state of Nintendo, Satori IATA, prompted the business in the instructions of mobile games as well as the creation of an entirely brand-new hardware.
The style of the switch is aimed at a vast demographic of video game gamers through its several settings of use. Nintendo decided to make use of more common electronic elements, such as a processor based upon the TERRA line of NVIDIA, to make the growth of the console much easier for developers and even more suitable with existing PC gaming engines. As the Wii U had difficulty acquiring the assistance of external studies, leaving it with a weak video game collection, Nintendo sought the support of many programmers as well as editors to aid construct the switch video games library along with Nintendo’s very own titles, including several independent video game research studies. Prior to the launch, Nintendo had introduced that more than 100 titles were establishing by 70 programmers.
Nintendo offered more than 2.74 million systems of the console in its initial month of being on sale, overcoming the preliminary forecast of 2 million systems that made the business, and also ending up being the desktop computer console that has actually been offered faster of its history. The sales of the switch were well-connected to those of the well-known computer game by the crucial The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which was placed on sale on the exact same day as the console all over the world.
On September 20, 2019, a revised variation of Nintendo Switch was released, keeping the size of the old version and also with a longer battery life. This many thanks to a new rechargeable lithium-ion battery of 13.6 WH (watts-hour), while the first variation was 16 WH.

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Display of Switch OLED as a highlight

The focus of the quite few innovations is the OLED screen with 7 inch image diagonal (17.8 centimeters). This precipitates slightly larger than the 6.2-inch display of the classic switch. Positive: already remember when unpacking experienced switch gamers that the console is barely grown — it’s just exactly 3 millimeters. How this is possible? Quite simply: The new screen size is due to the colorful and high-contrast OLED panel, which does not require additional backlight, which saves underground space. The screen radiates less bright compared to the normal switch at maximum lighting, but the picture is nice sharp. For example, the latest adventure from Nintendo’s Wacker Hero’s Camus Ran makes a perfect figure in the current 2D shooter Metro id Dread. The console from the Far East can but more art pieces.

Three modes for fun

The switch OLED uses gamuts in three modes: In the TV setup, the console lands in the docking station, then play on the TV. During table mode, a kind of stand is fold out on the back, whereby the device mutates to mini-TV. And here Nintendo has improved: Instead of on a small folding sleeve, the Switch OLED is now on a wide stand, which offers more support. At the bottom are two tiny gumminoppen, which ensure that the technology does not slip so easily. Of course, the console is also back as a handheld traveling or usable in the evening on the couch, in the style of a modern game boy. And just here shins the switch OLED, because the new display is ideal for such inserts, while the innovations are packed on the TV.

noble painting, same design

Nintendo applies the Switch OLED with a white color scheme, which looks high quality at first sight and almost noble. The Joy-CONS — so the controller parts on both sides of the screen — can also be removed in the new model and connect to other switch consoles. Only outliers in Nintendo’s the latest console series is the Switch Lite, in which such a conversion does not work. Great: Joy-Cons like charging station can be used both on the normal switch and the switch OLED. The connections and interfaces are identical, which is mainly due to owners of games with exotic accessories for enthusiasm. The fitness program Ring Fit Adventure velvet plastic circle for exercises is also compatible as it is the cardboard boxes of Nintendo Labor.

Well listen to one!


The built loudspeakers also came to the lift — the manufacturer has revised them. In the test, the sound sounded audibly better than the classic. The boxes at the front below the display are discreetly larger and probably got more space due to OLED technology. Hi-fi quality, however, continues to expect buyers and buyers. But especially in handheld and table mode as a mini-TV, the speakers are making good work at the front. Who does not want to stare its surroundings: a jack for headphones as well as the option for sound via Bluetooth connections have been on board since Switch Update 13.0 (from September 2021)?

More battery and storage space

Battery life was not quite five hours in the test — just under 30 minutes more than in its predecessor. Speaking of predecessor: All games of the previous switch are of course compatible with the new technique, as a store are 64 gigabytes ready — previously it was 32. That’s enough for some indie titles and games from our own house, an extension via MICROS card is still recommended. If you prefer to slide on the TV, reaches the dock for the TV mode, which is part of the scope of delivery. Here users park the switch for loading processes (via USB-C) and the direct connection to the TV. For the first time, the switch can be connected via the dock via LAN cable, to which Gamer for a stable Internet connection like to use.

Nintendo Switch Online

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch has an afforded online service. For a month, around 4 euros are incurred, three months cost 8 euros and for a whole year the Japanese call up just under 20 euros. Users get the opportunity to play online with friends. Nintendo offers a large catalog of free NEW and super NEW titles as well as additional cloud storage. It’s even a number better: With Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Package, there are all the aforementioned things additionally access to a collection of retro games of the Nintendo-64- and Sega-Mega-Drive consoles as well as the extension Happy Home Paradise For the Enough Simulation Animal Crossing: New Horizons. For this package, however, Nintendo also demands a good 40 euros in the year subscription.

Price and Availability of Switch OLED

The Nintendo Switch OLED has been available since 8 October 2021 at a price of around 360 euros. To choose the variants white and the well-known combination neon-blue / neon-red.

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Switch (OLED model)

Great OLED display
Meaningful changes to the design

Few innovations for a costly upgrade

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Nintendo Switch OLED in the test: Conclusion

The big litter is the switch OLED not, but Nintendo offers too few innovations over the simple switch. The display is bigger and the picture really chic, the light changes to design and construction as well as on the sound are nice. This is mainly benefiting gamers who play in handheld mode. Anyone who has already owned a classic switch or only about the dock on TV with Mario & Co. turns his laps, probably moves better with the cheaper classic.

Test note: 2.2

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