Sony now sells PS5

You can buy a PS5 directly from Sony. But the offer is only valid for certain groups of people. Mango explains what you need to know.

The PS5 console is still heavily desired and hardly available. Gamer therefore exploits every way to buy a PS5. At the current time you get the chance to buy a PS5 directly at Sony.

But the offer does not apply to every user. Mango explains what it has with the offer and what you need to know

You can buy a PS5 directly at Sony if you are invited

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What is this for an offer? Sony offers you today, on 15 December 2021, the possibility to purchase a PS5 via Sony directly. PlayStation Direct is the direct distribution channel of PlayStation hardware about Sony itself. So you buy directly and have no middlemen or seller.

There is a hook? You can only buy one PS5 at Sony if you have an e-mail with a personalized link. About this link you then get into the shop of Sony and can purchase a PS5 and the corresponding accessories.

Therefore, looks best directly in your e-mail mailbox and checks if you have received a link to Sony directly. In addition, you should hurry, because it is not sure how long Sony consoles has in stock.

How long is the offer? Sony had not expressed himself how long the action takes and how long you can buy a PS5. At the last action at the beginning of December, you can buy a PS5 at Sony directly until 11:00.

Sony himself explains that it does not bring you an advantage if you restart the page with F5: The renewed loading of the page and the opening of multiple tabs with the queue side has no influence on your place in the queue. This page will be reloaded automatically.

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