Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba The Hindokami Chronicles Third free update brings new figures and numerous balance

Players of Vegas Demon Slayer -times No Yaiba-The Hindokami Chronicles can look forward to the ruler from the now third free update. Et al. If new playable characters are added: Emu as well as Bushido and Ta mayo. In addition, there are some balance changes that you will find like the descriptions of the new figures below.


Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles Post-launch Update #3 - Yushiro & Tamayo
The slightest twelve Mizuki, which are under direct command of Kibutsuji. Emu has a twisted personality and enjoys the sight of the suffering and the mourning of the people. After receiving the blood of Kibutsuji, he attacked Janeiro and the other demon killers, which were on board the Eugen Train.
EMU fights mainly with ferns and shot, which can bring his opponents from the concept. In addition to light and air raids, Emus throwing movements have a great range that allows the player to keep his opponent at a distance. His two support capabilities are insurmountable and can override the opponent.

Ta mayo explores demons hoping to avenge Kibutsuji, the man who transformed them into a demon. Bushido is a young man who saved the Ta mayo life by transforming him into a demon — her only successful attempt so far. Bushido has various skills that enable him to attack as he avoids the attacks of the opponent or parsed them. He is characterized by his counterattacks. Ta mayo can be summoned with Shirts Sup portability and then operates independently like a co-op character. Bushido and Ta mayo have the same qualities as the other demon fighters, but offer a tag team approach in combat.
In addition to these two new playable demons, further online missions were added in which the players can earn kismet points and unlock brand-new rewards.

60FPS mode for custom matches
With today’s update, online custom matches can also be enjoyed with a higher refresh rate. To ensure a fair gaming experience, however, online ranking games remain at 30fps.

Balance changes

Adjustment of the air jacks:

The window for the invulnerability through target attacks / movements was shortened.
Extended waiting time after landing.

Adjustments in tracking sprint:

Can not be stopped with Quick-Step if it is too far away from the opponent. (If he is nearby, he behaves normal)

Throw adjustments:

The damage to the throw attack has been increased.

Janeiro Amado / Academy Janeiro:

Craft 2 (second form, water wheel): Delayed and reduced mobility / speed of the attack hit box.

Saxon Urokodaki:

Craft 2 (second form, water wheel): The hatbox of the attack was delayed and the ability to cancel a modified attack with a long press if it does not hit the opponent was removed.

Neck Amado / Academy Nero:

Support capacity 1 (crazy scratching) / support capacity 2 (heel push): shortened combo window.
Support capacity 1 (crazy scratching): reduced damage to the opposing cover.
These adjustments apply only if Nero attacks as a support character.


Craft 1 (network throw) / Craft 2 (thread wool): Increased damage to the opposing cover is added.


Chase Dash: Increased basic speed.
Craft 1 (destructive death: air type): Increased damage to the opposing cover is added.
Craft 2 (destructive death: disorder) / craft 3 (technical development, destructive death: compass needle): Increased damage to the cover of the opponent and shortened cooldown of skill.
Craft 3 (Technology Development, Destructive Death: Compass Needle): Increased damage and extended combo window.
Demon craft 2 (destructive death: destruction type): Increased damage and shortened combo window.


Demon Craft 2 (Blood Demon Type: Rockets Arrow, Eruption): Increased damage to the conflict of the opponent.


Craft 1 (Ball Kick) / Demon Creation 1 (System Temary): Increased damage to the opposing cover and at the opponent guarding it.
Skill 2 (vertebral thread): Increased damage to the conflict of the opponent.
Craft 3 (through-beaming): Increased damage to the cover of the opponent when the button is held down.

Demon Slayer appeared on October 15, 2021, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. The test on Demon craft can be found here.

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