How to win a UFC contract in UFC 4

Dana Frederick White Jr. (born July 28, 1969) is an American business owner and also the present President of the Ultimate Battling Championship (UFC), which is the largest blended fighting styles (MMA) company worldwide. Under White’s management, the UFC has become a worldwide popular multibillion-dollar business. In August 2019, White’s total assets was estimated at $500 million.

The main objective of UFC 4 career mode is to lead your fighter to glory. But before doing this, you must first create the UFC. There are several ways to get a UFC contact, and one of these methods is to use the Dana White Contender Series.

Once you have made the Dana White Contender series, Coach Davis will inform that White, the main promoter of the UFC, will sign up if you win your fight in the first round, either by KO or by submission. If you accomplish this, White will immediately offer a UFC contract. You can accept it and join the UFC, or you can refuse it and fight in the World Fighting Alliance.

If you do not reach this goal, you will probably go to WFA. If you head to the WFA, you will be confronted with low competition. If you play well against WFA fighters, Coach Davis will tell you that you have been invited to the Dana White Contender series. Just as for your first opportunity, you will have to fulfill a goal (Coach Davis will tell you what it is) to win a UFC contract.

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