Goalkeeper in R dinghausen Sebald robs Wuppertal points

SVR.TV Highlights – Wuppertaler SV
It already ran the fourth minute of reflection time in Rödinghausen. The domestic SV was back against the Wuppertal SV with 0: 1 and also operated in amendments. Only in the 87th minute, the guests had achieved the leadership goal by Roman Troops and looked close to a triple point of points, which would have been synonymous with the spreadsheet in the West Season with the table leaders in front of red-white and had to Prussia Münster.

But when there were already three pointer revolutions in the exam time, Rödinghausen received another free kick. Goalkeeper Alexander Se bald made his way forward and managed to dream of many final men. The 25-year-old, who came 2020 by Hans Rostock, headed the cross on his goalkeeping colleague Sebastian Paler past the net.

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The cheers at the domestic fans among the total of 500 spectators was huge, Se bald brands barely captured by his teammates. In the packing after the gate, however, there were two places to date: Rödinghausen Miro Schuster (yellow-red) and the teem manager of the club, Rene neither, were placed by the referee Tarim Dakar from the field.

The Wuppertal SV (43 points) built his series from now 20 compulsory matches without defeat by the 1: 1 although table management continues through the draw by the Remix, however, remains red-white food in front of the same Prussia from Münster (both 44). WE, which declassified on this match day Bonn with 6: 1, has a game in the hindquarters. Rödinghausen is aft.

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