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It has been a long trip to The Bruno Season 2, but the long-awaited season is finally here, and certainly worth the wait. Improves the foundations established by the first season in almost all imaginable forms, moving away from the least effective elements and relying on others that enrich the experience ten times. The cast feels settled in its roles, but fortunately it expands over its characters throughout the season, especially in the case of Gerald, Cirri and Tries. While there are some changes in the books that will call attention, there are other times when you feel as if you left directly from them to balance them, and everything leads to an incredible television season that no Witcher fan should be lost.

Two of the common reviews of season 1 turned around at the slow start of the season and the various jumps in time and history, and both have been addressed by the Showrunner Lauren S. Hiss rich and the talented team of directors and writers of Season 2. The season begins. With two stellar episodes followed, including the perfect introduction of levelled and a battle as brutal as a heater. If I thought that season 1 did not have enough strength from the beginning, season 2 does not suffer that problem in any way.

As for jumps over time, they have almost completely disappeared, since any jump to the past is clearly shown as a flashback and any immersion in the future is illustrated as a vision or a dream. It is a more linear story, but it does not feel restricted to a single way, since the various trips of the different sets of characters make adventure feel great and epic, and fanatics will appreciate the fluidity of the moments that flow from one to another..

The characters of season 1 who felt underutilized also feel more developed this time, especially TRIES (Anna Shaffer), which is not just a secondary character and feels like the character of importance that fans know about books and games. Once she arrived at Keyed Moorhen, the fans of the books will be at home, and I could not help but smile at every interaction she had with characters like Gerald, Semi and Lambert. The same goes for PRISCILLA, whose bow is one of the most amazing aspects of the season so far.

As for the other sorcerers, some of them leave a brand in the season instantly, with semi contributing a warmth welcome to each scene in which it is, while Lambert’s sarcasm and insistence establishes some delicious sequences between Gerald and Cirri Newcomers like Kennedy, Since, Dijkstra, Coin and Francesca add their own flavor to a convincing mixture, and the distribution in all areas is phenomenal.

While season 2 brings back the core four of Gerald, Cirri, Jennifer and Easier, it also finds new ways to explore with each member. The four retain what made them as attractive in season 1, but they also evolve by leaps and bounds. The story of Gerald and Cirri is the heart of this series, and it shows in every scene they share. Gerald by Henry Cavils is still abrupt as one would expect, but when he is with Cirri (and even with Jennifer), the abrupt façade falls, and instead appears the compassion and the need to protect, and there is a paternal love present throughout of his time in Keyed. Moorhen

However, Freya Allan’s circle is an equally important part of this dynamic. The fearsome princess of Contra was long, replaced by a warrior in training that threatens to steal almost any scene in which she is. Cirri is one. Of the best parts of the season, and if you are not a fan, you will surely be when you leave.

The growth and evolution of these two make the scene in which everyone is together is even better, although if you are looking for Gerald to be simply a rude, season 2 also has it covered. Whether they are powerful sorcerers or massive beasts, fights are exciting to see, especially the battle with a Brunei that has often been teasing, although there are others that will surely also impress.

Now, we only had the opportunity to see the first 6 of the 8 episodes, so it will be interesting to see how it is resolved this season and what is established, especially after the events of episodes 5 and 6. In these first four episodes, Nor do I get the Meeting of Gerald and Easier yet, which is disappointing, but I will say that the history of Easier so far as the season is convincing, as well as the dynamics with his ally for most of his screen time. Nor would I have changed this at least Gerald and Cirri, so I agree with that.

There are really not many shortcomings until now in season 2, but from now on I would say that most of the new Pitchers have not added a lot. It’s amazing to see so many of them, but until now only Lambert and Semi feel fully developed. Apart from that, perhaps some more creatures would be welcome, but honestly, that is a detail, since those that appear genuinely as threats with improved effects of season 1, so I do not complain.

Season 2 of The Witcher improves the original in almost every (senses). Many of the new additions manage to develop the world and their mythology even more, and as for the main four, they embrace their characters in new ways by deepening their humanity, their vulnerabilities and their fear. The result is a television season that can not be lost, and it is a season that should delight any fanatics of the franchise.

Rating: 4.5 of 5

The Witcher Season 2 Review: Episodes 1-6

Season 2 of The Witcher lands at Netflix on December 17.

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