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Hallo (German: Heiligenschlights ) is an ego shooter game collection, whose private parts of Bungee, 343 Industries as well as the set studios for Microsoft Games, today Xbox Game Studios were created.

Tomorrow it is finally time: The Master Chief returns with a brand-new campaign in Halo Infinite.

Hallo players are used to selecting completed missions from the campaign to repeat them again.

This is not possible in Halo Infinite. According to polygon, you have to create a new memory status. You can only explore the free world and do the secondary activities after the credits run.

Halo Infinite review

Halo Infinite Campaign: It’s Complicated
But no panic: Creative Director Paul Crocker already confirmed that one works on a transposition to select individual missions.

The reason why the function is not yet in the game is based on the open and non-linear game world. According to Crocker, the implementation is complicated and just not finished yet. He himself is disappointed, but it was the best option to add it later and the team is currently working on it.

The main reason for this is that it is an open and non-linear game that represents an incredible challenge. It’s not that it does not work, it’s just not done yet.

We have made the decision to make a better game to improve the quality of the game so that we can add the features — just like the coop mode. And that’s disappointing to us as the people who have made it, but it was also the better option for us to make a better game and add that later.

[A level selection] is one of the things we are working at the moment, and of course we have not announced a date yet. The reason why I’m a little reserved is that I honestly do not know it exactly, but people are already working on it. It comes… is the only answer we can give.

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