Mario Basler warns FC Bayern before royal classes

Football (English for American football ), or brief football, is a round Basler stemming from the United States and also the most popular version of a collection of Baslering activities assigned as Stadium Football.
During a video game, which is kept in four quarters to 15 (or 12) mins, two teams of Eleven players attempt to bring play sphere to the opposing end zone or to attain a Basket to win factors. The team-owned team (open, English for assault ) can be accomplished by tossing (passing) along with running or running) a spatial gain, which at some point leads through a goal or a Basket accomplished. The defensive team (defense, English for defense ) attempts to stop the open up to it and come in belongings of the possession. If the offense of a group pertains to the area, it has 4 efforts to obtain a spacecraft of ten yards or more. If she produces this, she receives four brand-new attempts, you do not succeed or shed the round through an interception or a fumble, the right of attack goes to the challenger. When the defense pushes the open up to its very own goal line and also takes on the opposing round provider, it can attain a safety. Victor is the team that has achieved most factors after the period has ended.

Basler und van Bommel - TEIL1

Due to the away win at Borussia Dortmund, FC Bayern has worked out a small lead in the Football Bundesliga. Ex-player Mario Baler still sees even greater problems with the dealers and warns the record champion from an early in the Champions League.

Already for the seventh time in series, the FC Bayern converted the BVB on Saturday evening. At 3: 2 success in Dortmund, the leader convinced in particular in the offensive. However, both teams allowed their opponent also great spaces, which led to numerous chances of chances.

As exciting the top game was: In the defense, both teams revealed great problems, Ex-pro-Profi Mario Baler was in his column for Basler1. Especially BVB defender Mats Hummels got his fat away from the cult kicker.

That his ball he plays before the 1: 1 is intercepted, can happen. Then he has to behave better. He is no longer the fastest. I would have expected that he behaves better. He has herself Miller cancel, Baler ruled over the Dortmund defensive chief.

However, the 52-year-old also assumed FC Bayern defense problems. I’m sure: With this defense performance Bavaria will have no chance in the Champions League, said the bang-hard thesis of the TV expert.

Baler doubts Sanitizers breakthrough with FC Bayern

In addition, Baler commented on Marcel Sanitizer, who does not yet enter the FC Bayern after his change from RB Leipzig. His start at Bayern is likely to introduce himself differently, explained Baler: But you have to hold on: many players have already tried at Bavaria. Lukas Pools and Mario Got could not prevail.

Although the central midfielder runs for FC Bayern for a few months now, the ex-national player is sure: I do not think Bayern is still watching Bavaria at Sanitizer. For this purpose, the quality jump of Leipzig to Bavaria again another.

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