The flight of Fortnite chapter 3 reveals new Spider masks

De Fortnite The final event of Chapter 2 is scheduled to start only a couple of hours, but before that moment, a recently filtered advance in Chapter 3 has revealed that a number of new masks associated with Spider-Man will soon arrive at battle. Real Title Spider-Man is a character that is rumored to join Fortnite for a long time, and although he took more time than many fanatics would have liked to see it finally, it seems that Epic Games is doing everything possible with the addition of him.

Shown in the new trailer of Fortnite In chapter 3 that emerged the day before, it was confirmed that Spider-Man can now be played in the game in two different ways. To begin with, the standard blue and red side suit is in front and center and will be the base version of the character that players can get. In addition, this trailer also revealed that, at a minimum, two variants of Spider-Man masks will also appear. One of these masks is the Black Suit Spider-Man mask dressed in a Symbian, while the other is the Future Foundation mask. According to this advance, it seems that these masks may be unlocked by buying the battle pass of Chapter 3 that is available in Fortnite.

And although these Spider-Man masks are perhaps the most prominent associated with the character that reaches Fortnite, some specific locations on the game map will also be linked to Spider. Specifically, EPIC is adding an area to Fortnite Map that is intended to be the SPIDER-MAN neighborhood. This place will feature The Daily Bugle, which is the fictitious newspaper company for which Peter Parker works. This section of Fortnite The map will also be sprinkled with several networks, so that it seems that Spider-Man had recently passed through the area.

The only thing we have left to learn is when Fortnite will start chapter 3. While the final event of Chapter 2 begins later today at 4 PMed, Epic Games still has to say when chapter 3. As such, make sure Be attentive to our coverage here at in the future, since we will make sure to keep you informed about everything that happens with the title.


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