Fortnite prepares his new season This has been the final epic of chapter 2 and this is his new map

Each time Epic Games launches a massive event for Fortnite, he gets crazy to players with great shows, surprises and many novelties. It is what happened yesterday at the expected event of the end, the epic conclusion of Chapter 2 led us to launch an offensive against the pyramid and the queen of the cube that made everything go out of control.

Fortnite's Last SECRET Update of Chapter 2!

Chapter 3 will be developed on a new map All those who participated in the end, could be done with free rewards, as usual at these events, but the most interesting came towards the end of the attack. After being battling against monster hordes, we were able to see how a portal was opened in the sky that plagued the map of ships and more enemies threw themselves against our defenses, ending definitely with the blue cube.

The kinematics left us a big surprise with his face after the foundation from that moment, we went to a kinematics where the foundation arrives to rescue Agent Jones, revealing his face, which is no other than that of Dwayne Johnson, The Rock. After the flight, the events lead to a great flood that ends with the defeat of the queen of the cube, but with the island turning around in the sea.

Since then, Fortnite has prepared his new chapter with an event that they have called ‘ fortniteflipped ‘, where players were encouraged to use the hashtag on social networks, turn their avatars and ultimately, share All kinds of messages to help completely reveal the new map of the game. After the great support of the community, The map has been revealed totally just a few minutes ago, and you can see it from the official website of the event. About Chapter 3, Fortnite is currently emitting a direct in which we see the unconscious character on a trunk floating at sea, A wait that it officially begins Officially the new chapter of the game.

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