DTB team confident We are here to get the thing

The object of desire is already tangible for the German submitters in Davis Cup — in the truest sense of the word. On the edge of the Center Courts in Madrid, this over 100 kg heavy monstrous of trophy is set up, in the training, Jan-Lennard Stuff and Co. got a huge incentive. So far, we have seen the bowl only on posters. I believe that this is an extra motivation again, said Captain Michael Kuhlmann and made the announcement: We are here to get the thing.

Semifinal is not the goal

On Saturday (1 pm), his team of the ugliest salad bowl of the world wants to be athletic — although she is once again outsider in the semifinals. Because the Russian team around US Open Champion Daniel Mercedes and Andrew Ruble is probably the biggest chunks in the tournament. And yet the selection of the DUB with a wide breast faces.

We are ready and hot, we want to make this next step. Semi-finals are not what we wrote to the flag, Kuhlmann said confidently, Now we are so close to it. We see no reason why we’re looking for Satisfied should be satisfied. For the first time since 1993, the last of three title winning in the prestigious team competition, a DUB team can reach the final again.

Waiting number 2 and 5 of the world

Of course, the outsider role against Mercedes and probably do not expose rubble away. We talk about the number two and the number five of the world. That’s a job, said Kuhlmann, but also stressed: This competition has shown in recent days that surprises are always possible.

After arriving from Innsbruck, the German players had already worn out their mission in Madrid with Paella, Matches cheese and Iberian ham. And thanks to its excellent team spirit, they do not have to be afraid of great names in front of the world’s vacation world-class player Alexander Zeal, they already proved enough.

Both Serbia around the world’s world ranking Novak Djokovic in the preliminary round and in the quarterfinals the favorite British around Indian-Wells winner Cameron Norris had the note — after all, the DUB had an ace in the sleeve in the sleeve in the sleeve of Kevin Gleiwitz / Tim Putz in all previous three games. In the Russians, which, as a result of sanctions according to the state doping scandal, run officially as a Russian Tennis Association, however, two individual players are compared to the highest format.

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If you win three games in succession at 1: 1, you can go out with a wide breast.

Michael Kuhlmann

For the German team, it is therefore about enforcing the decision in a double — after all, Putz (7: 0) and the two French open winners Gleiwitz (6: 0) have not lost in Davis Cup yet. If it is really 1: 1, the Russians will also consider what thing is, Kuhlmann said, If you win three games in succession at 1: 1, you can go out with a wide breast.

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