FC Schalke 04 Rouven Schr der calls full chapel against the horror

Rouen Schröder (born October 18, 1975) is a previous German football gamer & Pauliing Supervisor of Schalke 04.

With the away game at leader FC St. Pauli stands for the FC Schalke 04 on Saturday (20:30 clock) a real nail sample on the program. Paulis Management Rouen Schröder hopes for the royal blue to improve her horror balance against the top teams of the 2nd Bundesliga.

Six points separate the FC Schalke before the 16th match day from FC St. Pauli, which runs the table of the 2nd league currently. In order to get closer to the Kietzkicker, a threesome must inevitably produce a threesome. The hook: Against competitors from the upper third, the scarce did extremely difficult this season.

Rodrigo Zalazar - Welcome to FC Schalke 04 ᴴᴰ
This also knows Paulis council Rouen Schröder, who demonstrates an increase from the S04 professionals against St. Pauli. Against the lower ones, we meet our favorite role. But the fact is also that we did not achieve ourselves against teams from the upper table bladder and also the results did not score, illustrated the 46-year-old in the Sky interview.

In fact, the relegated against Hamburg SV, John Regensburg and Darmstadt 98 went as losers from the field. Only the SC Paderborn succeeded.

FC Schalke 04: Rouen Schröder warns urgently before the FC St. Pauli

Schröder hopes to experience the full chapel of FC Schalke against St. Pauli. At the same time, he warns urgently before the impact of the leader.

For me, the greatest quality of St. Pauli is that you are always praised in front of country breaks over the green clover. And what makes St. Pauli? They come back from the breaks and play exactly the boots, the official praised the next Opponent.

The squad of the Kietzkicker own a giant quality, long ago giving it to the North Germans the claim that they want to beat us, said Schröder.

All the more annoying for FC Schalke, that top scorer SIMON ERODE fails to the winter break. The violation of the Routinize meets the club hard. Optimal is different, confessed Schröder.

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