Twitch Streamer s Pokimane wants to stay faithful Twitch

Twitch and YouTube fight for the supremacy of streaming platforms. Accordingly, YouTube has made a few big steps in recent months, and we lost popular steamer from Twitch.

DRUPE, Timthatatman and last also the streaming star Ludwig have already turned the back twitch and have passed to YouTube gaming. On this topic, the well-known streamer Image ‘Primate’ Any also commented on why she will remain faithful to Twitch.

That’s why Primate stays at Twitch

After Ludwig Agree alias Ludwig signed a exclusive contract with YouTube and left twitch, fans of other well-known streamers ask themselves whether they will leave the platform behind them. There were also discussions that the platforms are better for users and content creator.

These questions also had the fans of Image ‘Primate’ Any’s, which is currently one of the most popular female streamer. Primate gave answers in one of her streams and told that two years ago she was standing at the beginning of her streaming career before deciding which platform should be chosen to stream.

Crucial for it was not how Twitch or YouTube treated her creator. It was still important for you to be paid for it. She said to her fans:

When I had to choose two years ago for the first time between Twitch and YouTube, you know what I let myself be guided? Not which platform would give me more money. Not, which platform nice to me was to me. But on which platform was nice to me Platform I would have more fun

According to Any’s, the Twitch chat and the Twitch culture so cult and entertaining that this was the crucial factor for you.

Primate does not exclude YouTube

Nevertheless, she does not exclude, one day also on YouTube to stream. The streamer plan to travel the world in a few years and bring their fans to take. In doing so, she does not want to restrict itself on a streaming platform and address different target groups.

YouTube is a means for you in this regard to draw attention to a mainstream audience. Until then, however, she will keep twitch loyalty, as the platform makes her still fun. What I wanted was to have a good time, and you give me a good time, she said to her fans in the stream.

Which streaming platform is your personal favorite?

Pokimane On Why She Chose Twitch Over YouTube

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