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Since the Xbox 360 also collecting Achievements belongs to the console experience at Microsoft to do so. These small successes bring you on the Xbox points that culminates be displayed on the Gamer score.

On other platforms like the PlayStation later also an achievement system was introduced. Instead, points trophies here but collected and achieve all the success of a game, there is the coveted platinum trophy. On the Xbox, however, such final Achievement missing.

Microsoft is considering introducing a Platinum Achievement

As part of a podcast Jason Ronald, Xbox Director of Project Management, spoke about that Microsoft is considering to introduce such achievement. More you read here:

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more on the subject

Poll: Do you want a platinum Achievement for your Xbox games?

Microsoft Rewards Mix And Match STRATEGY Win Xbox Series X

Also, we have not been sure if an Xbox Platinum is ever wanted, which is why we asked you. The answer is very nearly out!

A total of 1,203 took part of you in the survey. Since we have given only two possible answers, the result could only go out in one of two directions. In the end, (51%) prevailed narrowly with 616 votes, a rejection of a platinum Achievement. But at least 587 (49%) of you have affirmed such a success.

This tells you to

With such a close result a look at the comments is still so much more important than usual already. Again, the mood is very divided. So see, for example Brother and Zombies Ate My Neighbors greater motivation in the trophies.

I liked Trophies better. Only a numerical value looks too sober. With me Trophies interested only in games that I liked right, and I thus do more in the game. First platinum was Marvel’s Spider-Man. Before that both systems were uninteresting, and I had hardly noticed.

I must say that I was only on the PS4 for Achievement hunters. Previously on the 360’s Gamer score me zero interest. I think the PlayStation Trophies generally more attractive than the Xbox Gamer score. But now I Platinize only games that I fully predict. I used to have to bring everything on board that I’ve started a compulsion. That’s what I’m happily away. 😉

Since, however, but have members as affentheater84 and I Beelzebub I oppose something, and it is enough to them how the system is now being implemented:

When I get all Achievements in a game, but I have almost platinum. So it would be only the integration of another Achievements that you get if you have any other Achievements. Or did I misunderstand something?

The system is good as it is and does not need platinum. With a single push of a button, so I can see what success I have ahead of me. But all successes when then brought all at every 20th game ^^

In the end it is very much of their own preference. Many of you have also spoken completely against Achievements or Trophies. So says Judge Dread:

To have to do something at every turn since Zelda Breath Of The Wild me are the gamer scores and trophies no longer important because I realized for me that there is much more relaxed, just so it’s going to play and not to try, so I yes at the end of the game they get a trophy. Cute It’s true, if what aufploppt, but that’s about it again.

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