Who was Polina Petrova really See here the historical role models of heroes from Cod Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard - Polina Petrova Intro | PS5, PS4
The Campaign of Call of Duty Vanguard is among other things to the founding of the first special units in World War II. For the members of the Vanguard unit, the developers of Sled hammer have been inspired by historical soldiers.

One of them is Jamila Michailovna Pawlitschenko with the nickname Lady Death, in the game she is embodied by the Sofa tin Molina Petrov. She was one of the most famous snipers in World War II. She had 309 confirmed shots, of which 36 enemy snipers were. In the video we show you the story of Pawlitschenko, as well as the role models for the other 3 members of the Vanguard unit.

Although history was freely invented in COD Vanguard and also the characters were not taken on one to one of the historical models, but it is very commendable that SLEDS hammer also referenced the Soviet Union Soldiers in the game. With all the male protagonists quickly forget that women fought and in many cases their lives have left.

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