Switch Version Thirteen Mental Defense Area April 14 2012 release decision New elements such as 26 types of soldiers of collapse

Atlas has distributed the Thirteen Mental Defense Zone second anniversary special program on YouTube channels on November 28 and announced the Nintendo Switch Version Thirteen Mental Defense Area during the program.

The Thirteen Mental Defense Area released in 2019 2 years ago is a popular work that develops 500,000 in the whole world, but this will determine the entry into the Nintendo switch. It has also been released on April 14, 2022, and is released. Also, the price is 6,980 yen (excluding tax).

The game content of the Nintendo Switch version is the same as PS4 version, but additional elements are provided. First, the DLC of the Digital Secret File, which was included in the Limited Edition Benefits for PS4, and the DLC of the first arrival purchase bonus Digital Art Works.

Moreover, Digital Art Works has added 9 illustrations depicted since the PS4 version release. Also, the package version jacket is a reversible specification, and the back illustration is drawn.

And, although the game content is basically the same content, the weapons that can be used in the collapse edition battle are two types, and a total of 26 types are added per one main character. Although some common arms are included, this additional weapons may have new stimuli to strategy. Besides this, we also jumped out of information that can switch Japanese and English.

Christian Dupes - April 11, 2021
Furthermore, within the program, the situation of actual machine play is also unveiled while short time. The release date is decided, and development that can also play actual machines is a smoothly advanced development. If you are attracted to the Nintendo switch, please wait for April 14 next year.

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