Black Friday My favorite controller for mobile phone gets you rightly cheap

Especially you can get cheap on Amazon Racer Fish. This is a very compact controller like a switch wraps around your phone and it does so console handheld to decorate. That’s just for cloud gaming as on the Xbox-game pass oderStadia ideal.

What is this device? The Racer Fish is a controller for smartphones. But unlike most smart controller, there is not a regular game pad, is attached to the mobile phone with a claw on top and receives a so are bulky and bizarre looking construct.

When Fish their fixed rather the mobile between the two halves of the controller, wherein one part is securely connected to the USB connector in the Christi. This also means that it did not Bluetooth needs that Fish has its own power source. So your phone looks a bit like a chic, black switch.

And just this little marvel there just for the bargain price of 60 euros on Amazon. In the following paragraphs I present you the Fish shortly before.

Racer Fish — Ideal for cloud gaming

Weight: 163g | connection: USB plug C | Battery: no one runs over the phone | Price Range (on Amazon) : 60 – 90 Euro

For whom the controller is adapted? With its low weight and compact dimensions when folded (94.33 mm x 134.1 mm x 37.3 mm) fits the Fish in any pocket. This makes it ideal for gamers who like to gamble on the go but do not want to run around a clunky controller in the design of an Xbox game pads or the like.

The biggest advantage of Fish but for all gamers who are passionate about cloud gaming. So you can gamble anytime, namely not do without the familiar feel of a controller of your respective games from the Xbox Game Pass or Google Stadia.

This offers the Racer Fish: The Fish offers the usual keys of a typical controller. On the left is a stick and a directional pad. Right, another stick and four buttons labeled X, Y, A and B. The two shoulder buttons on each side and three function buttons complete the selection on to button.

The buttons and actions are easily accessible and can be operated easily. Since the Fish not much does, it depends largely on your phone, how hard is the whole setup at the end.

The Fish is compatible with most smartphones, large appliances, such as the S20 Touch Ultra, bringing the Fish but its limit and adjust just as pearls. A list of compatible devices can be found here (via But considering that the USB-C port of Fish is occupied and can not connect their wired headset. So you have to either use your environment to the speakers provide sound or wireless headphones.

By Kishi, you can then controller compatible mobile games playing, for example, the upcoming action-RPG Diablo Immortal. Moreover, it works without problems, so games to gamble on the game pass or Google Stadia.

The controller also responds quickly and smoothly thanks to the direct USB connection C., input lag is almost not there. Also, do you need main complicated software configuration, just plug in and start right away.

The Fish is available in a version for Android and Apple devices.


Very light and handy
Must not be charged
Pleasant ergonomics with lateral attachment

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Folded very compact


Very large phones cause problems
Plastic processing is partially criticized
Relatively high price
Music only possible through speakers or Bluetooth headphones

The Fans say: On Amazon gets the Fish solid 4 out of 5 stars by 2,337 reviews (as of 11/26/2021). Users praise the handling and the uncomplicated games with the Fish. Especially cloud gamers are there very satisfied.

But other users complain that not all top phones (good) fit into the holder. The plastic processing is criticized in some quarters as cheap.

I am, however, with the Fish still very satisfied, the device is always there when I leave the house and I love playing shooter and action RPGs like Diablo Immortal by Fish, if permitted by the data connection. My detailed review of the Racer Fish found here on Mango.

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