Zero Defense Age was blocked from 8 months to 8 months this is the constantly normalization

The ‘Zero Defense Age’ was blocked in a year 8 months.

The Korea Bank Financial Currency Committee (Movie) decided to operate with a total of 0.25% P-up to 0.75% YoY to 0.75% YoY.

H1N1 Coronavirus (Corona 19) On March 20, 20, 2020, the basis rate is from 0.75% to 0.75%.

This spinning governor has emphasized ‘normalization of monetary policy’ this year. Zero interest rate was a means to defend the crisis situation called Corona 19, In this regard, the Korean banking Movement was 0.25% p in August this year.

The reason for the interest rate hike this month, seems to have been in the same judgment. Since the export of the October), exports will continue to export after the MPC on October, and the private consumption is rapidly rebounded by the enlargement of vaccination, relaxing the vaccination, and are rapidly rebounding, If there is still it, the degree of relaxation is getting bigger.

Additional interest rate hikes I can not exclude first quarter of next year

This spinning row was also mentioned in more interest rates. This governor said, In the future, the future, plans to operate on the economic situation in the direction of reducing the degree of relaxation to improve the economic situation, said the I mentioned it.

The level of the current level of the current level is ‘mitigation’. This impression is 1.0%, but it is still a level of relaxation when it is in the growth and waterfront flow, The real-time interest rate is still negative, and it is still a minus and a neutral interest rate. Interest rate level has been diagnosed with a level of supporting the real economy. Neutral — refers to the theoretical interest rate level that allows you to recover the level of potential growth rate without inflation or deflationary pressure.

However, he said, It is natural that it is natural to normalize the criteria rate that was excessively lowered by improvement in the game situation, and Because uncertainties are remanufactured (impressions), it is difficult to talk about the time of the (impression) period, and there is a presidential election on March 2 It is not desirable to take a political consideration such as whether the month is difficult to improve.

2021 · 2022 inflation rate… Risk is bigger

The Bank of Korea saw the economic growth rate forecast this year, the same 4.0% of the same as the previous view. Economic growth rate for next year is 3.0%. Consumer prices increased greatly. In August this year, consumer prices have been raised to 2.1%, followed by 0.2% p, 2.3%. This means that the price of the price of the Korean Bank is a surcharge rate of 2.0%.


This year, the award of consumer price growth was 2.0%, and 2.0%, which was 2.0%, which was 2.0%, and it was raised to be compared with only three-month forecasts. I have reflected the point.

This governor mentioned that inflation risks would expand. He is concerned that the high volatility of raw material prices, and the rise in the price of water, which began in raw material prices, are worried that they spread widely in other sectors, he said. In some cases, domestic waterfront pressure can be increased in the previous level. He also said, The public expectation inflation has increased significantly to 2.7%, but if the expected hearing on consumer price rise is anxious, there is an additional price of additional waterfront by the wage impression request.

On the other hand, on the other hand, on the normalization of the US Federal Reserve (Federal Reserve), the governor’s governor will run on the financial and economy, and the monetary policy will operate on the finance and economy, Although it is given, it is emphasized that it is a domestic economic situation.

In Korea, Korea is a major country (monetary policy).

The following is a call policy direction.

□ The Financial Currency Committee decided to operate the Korean banking criteria by up to 1.00% from 0.75% to 1.00% until the next currency policy direction decision.

□ The World Economy has continued to recovery due to the expansion of the vaccination of the main government, and the economic activity pharmaceutical relaxation. In the International Financial Market, global inflation continued concerns and the change in the expectation of the major national monetary policy, and the volatility of Treasury bonds was expanded and the US dollars showed strength. The stock price rose around the developed countries due to good corporate earnings. In the future, the World Economy and the International Financial Market will be influenced by Corona 19’s revenue degree and vaccine dissemination status, global inflationary movements, and change policy changes in major countries.

□ The domestic economy continued to have a good recovery. Equipment investment was affected by the global supply disruption, but exports continued to grow, and the private consumption was rapidly recovered by the expansion of vaccination and relaxation. The employment situation continued to continue the number of employees continued. In the future, the domestic economy seems to be able to reinforce the recovery of private consumption while exporting and investment continues to have a good flow. GDP growth rate is expected to exhibit 4% of this year, 3% in next year as expected in August.

□ Consumer prices increased the rise in oil flow prices, and the basis effects due to the decline in public service prices last year, and the number of bases in the price of public service prices, The public expectation rate increased to the second half of the year. In the future, consumer prices are expected to rise by 2%, and 2% are expected to rise significantly by exceeding the August viewing path, and they are gradually lowered in the August, and they are expected to show a 2% level in the year, and the origination rate is expected to increase to the late level of 1%.

□ In the financial market, the expectation of the normalization of domestic and foreign monetary policy policies increased, and the national interest rate rose around three years. The share price has been affected by major national stocks and slightly increased and the won / dollar exchange rate declined. Household loans have been slightly reduced, and housing prices continued to have a high rise in the metropolitan and provinces.

□ The Financial Call Committee will continue to grow in the future and will ensure that the rise in the rise in the global clock will be stable at the goal level, and will be able to operate the monetary policy by minding financial stability. Corona 19 Related uncertainties are involved, but the domestic economy continues to have a good growth, and it is expected that the price of price is expected to exceed the target level, and will appropriately adjust the degree of relaxation of the monetary policy. In this process, the additional adjustment of the degree of relaxation will be judged to check that Corona 19’s deployment situation and growth, waterfront flow change, financial imbalance cumulative risk, and major national monetary policy changes.

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