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The family has a considerable proportion that they are today what they are. We had a large garden with a rocking scaffolding, which served as a gate. And I had to put myself in the goal, because my brother already played in the club and practiced at home, says Merle Fr ohms from the beginning of a great career. I never had a chance against him, because he’s three years older. And at some point I did not have a goat anymore, let me shoot me, football wanted to learn reasonably to win in the garden against my brother. With him, it went to the young team of Fortuna Cell in the first years, and sometimes in particular outfit. My first goalkeeper jersey was of Oliver Khan, recalls the 26-year-old today to a gift of her father.

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About the stations Wolfsburg and Freiburg Fire Fire FRO HMS now in the Bundesliga goal of Eintracht Frankfurt, after the various junior selection operations now completed 20 international matches. In Braunschweig, only about 50 kilometers away from her hometown Cell, she now experiences almost a home game in the jersey with the eagle on the chest.

On her way up, the sympathetic top player found many admirers. Would she advise a girl to become a football goalkeeper? Clear answer: I would advise her because it strengthens the self-confidence enormously to enforce itself. I sometimes get inquiries of this kind and find it cool to serve as a role model and example.

Fr ohms: There is a lot for which you can use

She wants to consolidate her position in the German gate and sometime also play Champions League. And after the career? Of course, I’ll think about what can happen later. And it would also be important for me to be back near my family and go back to home, reveals Fr ohms. Clear I would like to stay the football, as a trainer or in the management. I can imagine that, I do not know if the main time will be. But she has noticed in recent years, a lot to change, if one raises his voice. And there is a lot, for which one can use for the next generations, which then no longer have to knock on things, as we had to do it.

I’m Big considerable proportion Interview (Thursday Print Edition) National Teacher Merle Fr ohms talks about her strategy, as she also remains in the game as often a little busy goalkeeper in the German box. She provides information about goals that she personally and with her crew in her career, and answer whether she sometimes dreams of being a star in men’s football.

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