Hacker manages a game Boy Advance runs playstation games

Chauffeur 2 is a computer game created by reflections released on June 22, 2000, on PlayStation under the name Motorist 2: The Navigator Is Back (in Europe, Motorist 2: Back on the Streets). It is the remainder of the first homonymous opus, motorist. Established by Representations Software application and modified by InnoGames, this is the very first 3D public game to combine phases walking and by cars and truck; What is at the moment, rather revolutionary. Two years later on, a modified variation comes out on Video Game Boy Advance.

Rodrigo Alfonso is a talented hacker that through its YouTube channel, showed us how it used a modified cartridge to make a common and current awarding BOY ADVANCE be able to run 3D titles of PlayStation Without any technical problems. It sounds like something too good to be true, but here you can take a look.

In addition to the video above, Alfonso also shared another where He explains how he built this machine. Additionally, the code that he used to make these titles work in the GBA is available for free download via its GitHub page.

Although it is possible to use a GBA any to execute said code, which Alfonso USA in the video includes an improved LCD screen as well as additional hardware that improves the technical performance of the console to allow A frame rate per second stable in titles 3D of PlayStation.

Another reason not to rule out your GBA is that a new game will arrive this year to the portable console and here you can see how it looks.

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Editor’s note: Surprise that despite being in front of a console that came out two decades ago, people still find ways of hacking and breaking it. Certainly it will be interesting to know the uses that the community will give to, for example, the Nintendo Switch within many more years.

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