Return the Multiplayer Mode from KillZone 2 Warhawk and more PS3 games some fans recover the online

We are sure that, during the glorious period of PS3, many have enjoyed multiplayer games in several console games. Some of these titles closed their servers years ago, but this has not discouraged the community and has already found a way to play online mode Motor storm, Kill zone 2, War hawk, Sodom Confrontation, Twisted Metal Black and Calling All Cars!

Killzone 2 Video Review

This feat has been made by the group phone (PlayStation Online Network Emulation) that, Without entering the piracy, they have managed to create unofficial servers without players have to touch the console software or of the games. However, it should be noted that it is necessary change some numbers of the main DNS at and the DNS secondary to, or, so that the system leads us to these servers away from PlayStation.

And phone has not ended here, as it intends to preserve all the entertainment of the PS3 titles and will follow this line with games like Resistance, Wipe out HD and up to the system of PlayStation Home, which He was active during the first years of the console. In addition, the Group does not accept donations, since its objective has an approach more focused on conservation than economically.

After all, it’s not a surprise that the players want Return to the multiplayer section of PS3 games. In this sense, Sony has already confirmed the closure of GTA online servers on the console, which will occur at the end of this year, and decided to end the Online Metal Gear Solid V and Metal Gear Online the last summer.

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