Twitch Streamers Pokimane manifests itself to intrusive fans who go too far

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Once as a streaming platform only started for video games, there are Twitch nowadays live streams on all sorts of topics and areas of life. Many streamers and streamers have become regular stars — But that also brings problems with them.

This must also experience the well-known and popular streamer Primate again and again, when impetuous fans in chat go too far during twitch streams and harass the streamer. But now has clearly expressed viewers who go too far.

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What happened?

Primate recently made a stream at a stream with her impact on himself, when a viewer described her in chat as chubby — but her counterattack came promptly and pointed the rude fan into his barriers.

In a stream last Friday did not leave an intrusive viewer not loose and repeatedly asked questions about private life and friends of Primate. But that did not just like that.

How did Primate react?

The flood of ever-like questions came from various twitch accounts, which are all attributable to a single person. The streamer reacted promptly: You have created so many accounts, just to put strange questions about my friends. Listen to it!

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So the streamer knows the fan

Your account exists only since 09 November, because I have already banned you so often. People, if you see someone who behaves so, please tell him that he should stop, Primate drives in front of the current stream Live audience.

It is strange and disgusting. Please stop to try to analyze my friendships and relationships like a psychologist. And stop putting on the same weird questions again and again. My private life takes place away from the Camera instead.

Streamers often harassed

Even the most successful streamer at all, Amaranth, was recently commented on problems associated with their career. In their case, it is about threats and inappropriate suggested offers, which are repeatedly addressed to the 27-year-old.


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