Battlefield 2042 Player builds crazy mode in Portal reminiscent of Superman 64

Battlefield 2042 is a first-person capturing computer game developed by Dice and edited by Digital Arts. The title belongs to the Battlefield series. The game is arranged for November 19, 2021, on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Battlefield Portal gives the community numerous tools to make battlefield 2042 their own modes. Now a player has designed a crazy training mode for the wing suit, which arrives well with players. This is strongly reminiscent of the classic Superman 64.

What is Battlefield Portal? The mode is one of a total of four game modes in Battlefield 2042. In addition to contents of three of the largest Battlefield classics such as Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, the mode also provides the possibility of its own To create modes and share with other players.

Whether zombie mode, knife duel or defibrillator battle, the editor of Battlefield Portal offers numerous options for crafting. More about this can be found in our overview of Battlefield Portal.

The player Andy has now shown a creative way with a crazy game mode, which can be done with portal so. He has designed a training pair for the wing suit that is strongly recalling games like Superman 64 or Flat.

Here you can see that in the video:

Crazy portal mode with Pilot rings for flight training

The player has built: He has designed a training mode for the wing suit on the Map Kaleidoscope. You start on one of the tall skyscrapers and must fly from there through rings.

The cloud: The rings consist of I opponents flying with archers in the circle. That looks pretty crazy, Haber meets its purpose. You can easily glide with the wing suit through the rings and try your flight arts.

Why I bots as rings? Portal provides numerous tools, but there are also limits. Players can not create their own designs or change the map.

Therefore, Andy simply taken the bots as the only way to represent the flight rings. Numerous players are indeed excited about it.

These Battlefield Portal Modes Are AMAZING

This is how the community responds: The player has released his creation in sub -geddit to Battlefield 2042 and gets a lot of positive feedback.

Thats exactly the kind of creativity I hoped for from the portal! (via Reddit) and Thats the funniest Ive ever seen (via Reddit) are just a few of the positive reactions.

Giro also writes: Thats so clever, and I can imagine that this will be a potential game mode, like a portal mode in which one makes with a wing suit race. Absolutely creative and ingenious. Bravo! (Via Reddit)

Monknicious feels reminded of a classic of the Nintendo 64, which appeared in 1999: Superman 64 (via Reddit). Here you also have to fly through rings as Superman:

Battlefield Portal is the best for Battlefield 2042

Thats why the mode is so good: For numerous fans, the mode is a bright spot and possibly the most popular. Because Battlefield 2042 had a bumpy start, was torn on Steam, for example, and has also made some changes to the core mechanics of the Battlefield series.

These include the controversial specialists who just did not like some Battlefield veterans at all. With Hazard Zone there is also a game mode that rather reminds of titles such as Escape from Markov and Hunt: Showdown.

For many are the superfluous things, they simply want the pure, classic battlefield experience, with the typical classes and the modes like Conquest, without frills.

Battlefield Portal delivers that exactly this and even from three different classics including MAP remakes, all of which are popular for different details in the fans. So you can choose which battlefield experience you just feel like it.

Later, more maps and Battlefield offshoot should be added to the mode. Thats why players like BMG50Barrett believed: Portal is really something amazing. They only have published the [Mode] and more Remasters from old cards. (Via Reddit)

It remains to be seen which classics and maps come next to Battlefield Portal. Candidates would be enough. For example, Battlefield 2142 is considered a popular offshoot of the series and would bring more variety to Battlefield 2042 with its Sci-Fi elements.

Also, possible would be newer offshoots such as Battlefield 1 or Battlefield V. It remains to be seen what the developers of Ripple Effect Studios, which are responsible for the mode, have planned in the future.

What do you think of flight mode? Have you already seen others, creative ideas or maybe even built yourself? Lets know us in the comments.

By the way: The new feature of Battlefield 2042, thanks to the 128 player in a game can compete against each other, was tested for 8 years ago at Battlefield 3. Why it did not come back then, you will learn about ourselves here on Mango.

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