Nintendos Fail Console Probably last game appears in December

Echo the Dolphin is a collection of action-adventure computer game developed by Appaloosa Interactive (previously called Novitiate International) as well as published by Sega. They were initially established for the Huge Drive/Genesis and also Dream cast computer game consoles, and also have been ported to many systems. The tale follows the eponymous Echo, a bottlenose dolphin, that fights extraterrestrial risks to the world. The games are recognized for their high trouble degree. Echo was created by Ed Annunciate, that additionally created Hakan: The Forever Guy, which was likewise launched in December 1992.

For the ninth birthday of the Wii U, Indie developer Ultra Dolphin Revolution releases a new 2D platform. Captain U could be the last game on Nintendos failed console.

Wii u: not yet completely banished

Since her appearance, the Nintendo Wii U has difficult to grasp on the market. A similar success as the predecessor console Wii or the current Hardware Nintendo Switch remained. The Wii U is one of the most unpopular Nintendo consoles. So it comes only to a total of 13.5 million sales. For comparison: The Nintendo Switch has sold around 93 million times so far. (Source: Games Economy)

With the successful publication of the Nintendo Switch, the Wii U should be buried and the last game for the console The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the game will be. But so it did not happen: For the Wii u seemed to continue isolated Indie games, as well as the Captain U from Ultra Dolphin Revolution for December.

What is Captain U?

Ultra Dolphin Revolution has been holding the Wii U all alive for years and developed small 2D platformers or adventure games in the style of classics as The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening.

If your Links Awakening never played, the switch remake is something for you:

The new game of Ultra Dolphin Revolution is called Captain U and makes use of the touchscreen, motion sensor and dual screen of the Wii u. Your hurt in the role of the Captain u and must save nintendo-typically a princess. The pictures for the game are reminiscent of Super Mario Bros.

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You are not only blessed with an ingenious name, you can also use the power of the Power pad, to create platforms, to move them or to do opponents.

Mission in Snowdriftland: Nintendo's forgotten Flash game

Captain U is expected to be the last Wii-U game of Ultra Dolphin Revolution, appears in December 2021 in the Wii u shop and is expected to cost 2.99 euros.

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