LOL Chovy would have found team at Lck and play next to Peanut and Doran according to rumors

Actor market in the West is being a complete madness. With some rumors even in the air like Vitality and Superequippea of ​​it, or some signings already confirmed as the case of Reckless with Corp, each off season is being increasingly surreal. Well, this time we will talk about the market that surrounds Asian leagues, something that is very little known but almost nothing due to the difficult communications that is between this part of the world and that, where they use different media and networks Social to communicate with each other as the case of Bili. Luckily, there are users who continue on the wave of our continent and that is why we have known the new Chevy destination for 2022.

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Apparently, according to the rumors that travel different Korean consecrated users, the Korean team of GEN. G will be the one that is done with the talented rights Midland after having spent a year at Hanna Life where he does not seem to be entirely comfortable. But it would not be the only movement of the Ruler team, since would have changed to all the team except for the shooter and with very consecrated names within the competitive as Peanut or Moran. Thus, the equipment left by Gen G for 2022 would be the following:

Top: Choir Moran Hyeon-Joon
Jungle: Han Peanut Wang-Ho
Mid: Along Chevy Typhoon
ADC: Park Ruler TAE-HYUN
Support: They are Legends Si-Woo

The team would already be closed and prepared to east in 2022. If this is fulfilled, we would see part of the Griffin team in 2019 that surprised everyone during summer of the LACK in which we saw a Chevy unleashed next to an unstoppable Viper. Now, this set would come together with the addition of two legends of the LACK as they are Ruler and Peanut. We do not know exactly if this will work, but what if we know is that the Gen style of a twist after several years of living clinging to climbing and late game.

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