Battlefield 2042 We fall to the release in the world of 2042

Battlefield Hardliner is a first-person action video game launched on March 18, 2015, developed by Visceral Gaming and also EA Digital Illusions CE (states), and distributed by Digital Arts. It is the initial video game of the series that has the major theme the cops crime, along with introducing for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.
The game that was first revealed in Might 2014, with a message in EA s blog by Vice President as well as General Manager of Visceral Gaming, Steve Apoptosis, progressed that it would be the new delivery within the collection. Several rumors had State flowing around the video game as Battlefield: SWAT, days prior to from that news. So it was at the Electronic Home Entertainment Expo 2014 (E3 2014) where there were more details about it related to it as its multiplayer and above all, the primary project of it. Xbox One customers had the ability to play the video game prior to it was released and additionally a pack consisting of the console with a command with the style of the video game and also the video clip game.

on 19.11. At 18 o clock it goes together with Jules and his squad in the future. For the official release we play Battlefield 2042 live on max!

On Friday it is finally so far and Battlefield opens its doors for all players. For the official release of the shooter on 19 . November we collect our squad together and throw ourselves into the epic battles to experience crazy battlefield moments. From 6 to 21 clocks Jules will dominate the battlefields of the future with his squad from the Gamester. Whether the glorious troop leader that succeeds, you can see on Friday on our Twitch Canal Monsters and Explosion. So absolutely switched!

watching and winning

Anyone who is on Friday and diligently looks our stream has also to clear the chance to clear prices. Among all spectators, we are giving away 3x Battlefield 2042 Keys for the EA Origin Launcher. Then you can then throw yourself directly into the tumbler.

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As the raffle works exactly, you will learn on Friday in the stream, but the winners will definitely be drawn live at the end of the stream!

Battlefield 2042 in the LiveStream

When? Friday, November 19, 18-21

Where? on Monsters and Explosions on Twitch

Who? Julius and his squad

Look live on Monsters and Explosions from November 19th

What is new to Battlefield 2042?

Again, large-scale slaughter standing to land, to water and in the air. As the name suggests, the setting is located in the near future, in which a war between the US and Russia prevails. In addition to new technology, we also get it with natural disasters that cause problems such as resource sadness worldwide and cause for the conflict. For this we can experience battles with up to 128 players on PC and Next-Gen consoles on even larger cards and fight with modern vehicles and weapons that are inspired by the year 2042. Even with the class system DICE goes new ways. Instead of simply putting on the classes Assault, Recon, Engineer and Support, we play specialists who are assigned to the classes, but have all their own gadgets and skills.

To do this, the three multiplayer experiences all-out warfare as well as Battlefield Hazard Zone and Battlefield Portal:

All-out Warfare


The well-known modes conquest and breakthrough is extended with the largest maps of Battlefield history. A total of 128 players romp on the huge battlefields and experience dynamic weather conversions and spectacular world events, such as a tornado sweeping through the entire map.

Battlefield Portal

Battlefield Portal is a brand new game mode with new fresh ideas. Portal is above all as a community playground in which the player can create their own creations and scenarios, share and discover. At the core there is a set of tools that makes under the motto changing the rules of war« makes far-reaching changes possible on the gameplay.

Battlefield Hazard Zone

In four-squads, a total of 32 players make themselves from detecting and collecting data packets. On the way to the destination, the other teams and also I opponents must be switched off. Anyone who escapes the map at the end is won. Unlike classic Battlefield modes, every ball counts here, and every wrong step could be the last for the entire squad.

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