Xbox Game Pass The additions of the second half of November

The weeks follow each other and are almost alike. This is at least the case for Microsoft, which announces newcomers to the Game Pass for the last two weeks of November. On the program: Souls-like, geniuses of evil, a poetic Frisbee and… bananas.

November Is a Huge Month for Xbox Game Pass - IGN Daily Fix

And it s gone for the new Game Pass news! If Dead Space and Dragon Age Origins join the Cloud Via Ea Play, other more recent titles have seen their arrival date set by Microsoft today, all as well on consoles and PC.

It starts on November 17 with Next Space Rebels, who intends to give back his nobility to the rocket science by building more and more complex rockets. As Verbal Space Program, but in its garden.

The next day, November 18, it will be the tour of Ex One and its magic and poetic Frisbee, but also of the tactical FAE Tactics, from the disappointing My Friend Pedro and Action-RPG Dungeon.

On November 23, it will be two rooms, two atmospheres with one side deeper simulator (do not look much further than a Goat Simulator with a deer) and on the other, the Soulsels-like Mortal Shell who, Any discreet was he, had it apparently received a friendly welcome.

Finally, to finish in style, on November 30th is Evil Genius 2 who will land to try to make us forget the titles that will disappear from the service on the same day and that we will quote below. Thank you for not applauding:

And an tiny who will leave the service on December 8th:

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