World Cup qualifier Helder Costa meets for Portugal and Angola

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Whether Portugal had solved the direct World Cup ticket with him, which snapped the Serbs late on Sunday evening in Lisbon? Pure theory, because Elder Costa ran, this is already three years now, only once for Portugal — and meets in the World Cup Quasi for another nation.

Because the attackers lent by Leeds United to the FC Valencia for the European Champion of 2016 was only used in a friendly game, a change of nations remained in the context of the now possible — the Costa due to only small opportunities at Portugal 2021. The left foot now bears the jersey of his country of birth Angola.

Like once DI Stefano

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For the Africans, Costa gave his (second) international lead debut last Friday, and again including hit. He had shot the Portuguese in the autumn of 2018 against Scotland (3: 1) in the lead, his 1-0 in the World Cup qualifier against Egypt (with Mohamed Salah), at least for a 2: 2 — was not enough for a ticket to Qatar.

Two internationals, two goals — for two nations: twice the premier hit is a power with absolute rarity value. José Mazola Altering, 1963 with Milan Goal Scorer and winner in the Landesmeister Cup, was the 1957 and 1961 for Brazil and Italy, Real Madrid s icon Alfredo di Stefano (1947 for Argentina, 1957 for Spain) had first managed. Elder Costa is now the third in the league.

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