WMADID MIR 4 Global concurrent users exceeded 1300 000

This is a checklist of software application port numbers utilized by the methods of the transport layer of the adhering to Web methods for the setup of host-to-host link.
Generally software application ports are made use of by TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) as well as UDP (Individual Diagram Procedure) methods. These protocols need a single port for Full-Duplex web traffic. SCTP (Stream Control Protocol) and CCP (Data gram Blockage Control Procedure) methods, showed up later on utilize these very same port numbers by generally choosing, and also when they exist, the port numbers that match the exact same TCP or UDP solutions.
The Assigned Numbers Authority (DIANA) Web is the company officially in charge of maintaining port numbers tasks for specific usages. Nonetheless, in the method of several methods make use of the putting on numbers that are well recognized and also recorded. Similarly, lots of official ports impacted refer to methods that have never ever existed or are no more usual usage.
This write-up lists the port numbers and also their added procedures that experience enough usage.

[Data provided: MADRID]

, the Global Concurrent Connections 130,000 achieved on the 11th

Steam concurrent users 100,000 Great, total 207 global servers

Game paradigm change and new game Korean Wave

Mobile MMORPG of WADI has exceeded 130 million concurrent users on the 11th.

The Mir 4, which achieved a new record of 1.3 million, was at the center of global game paradigm change and new game Koreans.

In addition, , which started on 11 servers on the day of formal launch, is now running in Asia, Europe, South America, North America, India, North Africa, and Middle Eastern regions. On the steam, the connection is increasing day, and the number of concurrent users is approaching 100,000.

This is one of the most popular updates, such as recently conducted new jobs and conversion system phase transitions.

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Character NFT, DRACO Item Exchange BY Draco, etc. The new system to ship the fun of the game is ahead of the disclosure, and the interests of users around the world are expected to continue.

The success of the Well Mid-game on the board Mir 4, which is on-board, said Gang Hymn BUK, said, The success of Mir 4, which is on-board, is positive, said the growth of tremendous speeds, said Gang Hymn, said,
And, about the declaration of the game development declaration of several companies in recent years, We mean that there is a lot of followers, said, The game system is a game-based currency, I have already prepared platforms.

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