NCsoft Reserve Cash 2 2 active M A spirits

David Michael Webb (born 29 August 1965) is an activist capitalist, share market expert as well as retired financial investment banker based in Hong Kong.

NC soft changes the strategy of M & A (merger and merger) strategy to comply. Hong non-Jew, which joined in October, was known as an M & A specialist, and he said that in the third quarter earnings announcement conference call, the Cash holder reveals 2,200 billion won and actively sought M & A opportunities.

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The direction presented is the game, IP, and content, and platform. Hong CFO, It was true that it was passive in M ​​& A, and now we are actively reviewing some of them in the global market. The game is of course included, and I started to see IP and content sector seriously. Finally, to go to the meta bus, the platform is also looking at the platform.

There is strengthening global advance to the center of the M & A strategy. NC soft aims to simulate all the new work at start with Lineage W, and tries the genre and platform that was not conventional for market expansion. Hong CFO said, Regardless of the scale, we will actively review if there is a chance to realize our global strategy, and a new user and BM.

NFT-related investment is also considering. In the conference call, it is important to have enough trading volume for NFT stability, and it is important to secure multiple uses for this purpose. In this direction, the Hong CFO said, I did not say,, but I am considered abroad, and I am looking forward to being overseas.

In the meantime, NC soft was passive to M & A, such as stake investment compared to Nixon, Net marble, and other competitors. I need to keep the strategy in the active direction to see what Wishes to change.

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