LOL Arcane The new champion could have already appeared in the Netflix series

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The Arcane series is being a total success in each one of the chapters that have appeared so far in Netflix, the streaming platform that has harvested a huge number of spectators. Well, apparently Riot Games wanted to add some other secret with the characters that have appeared along the series, and one of them can be one of the Future Champions that appears in League of Legends If we follow the Description of the last update, that it came from the American developer talking about the upcoming characters that will arrive at the most famous speakers and that could function as support.

MEL, the possible new champion that would work as support

We talk about Mel, one of the most important secondary characters of Arcane since she is one of the mandamuses of all of Faun and Plover. If we carefully observe the description of the next champion that will come to League of Legends, we see that it resembles the role that it performs in the animation series: This city governs money: technology, power, people. Everything can be purchased if you have enough money. Technology to do with what you want, getting rid of it as if it were garbage when you have finished using it (…) people who manipulate with your terrifying charisma, sending them to a death Almost sure that will only be saved if they get what you want.

When Mel appears in Arcane, it is known that she is the the richest woman in the region, although she is the poorest of her house of her called Madeira. That is why she is so obsessed by money and power, a description that she sticks pretty with the one you said on the Riot Road Sheet. In addition, there is a scene Specifically where she shows what she really wants, since she buys a gift to a counselor and makes him commit him to vote for the upcoming elections. She is also interested in Jayce on the theme of Hex tech to get a revolutionary technology, and as it is said on the same road map, she also craves above all the technological power.

All these features match too much with Mel, and we know that Riot like to do this type of games to present new characters without us realizing it. We will have to wait for the next Riot Games Road Sheet or an official ad by League of Legends so that this theory is completely confirmed.

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