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Germany s record scorer Miroslaw Close has appreciated the former national coach Joachim Löw before his official farewell on Thursday.

Jodi Löw did the game more attractive, he has played an offensive, worth seeing football. And he made the national team nearly managed again, the country games were sold out for years, the spectators had their fun. Jodi has gone a Jew through the football country, The record scorer of the German national team said in the interview of the Deutsche Dating.

When asked if it had been better for Jodi Löw s image in history, if he had stopped after the 2018 World Cup, Close replied, who scored 71 goals for the national team in his career, That would not have been his kind. His Memorial is that he wants to confirm successes again, that he has a few new thoughts he wants to implement. Afterwards you are always smarter.

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Often Löw have made the opposite of what the players expected. After a weak game he has built us, has said what we could have done well and could make even better. He has radiated a brutal rest, you have to get it into such a situation first. Granting he has become rather when we have become rather Players had the feeling of us: good game of us, it s going, said Close.

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