Cacao Games Social Contribution Campaign for Childs in Seongnam City

[Eye News 24 Moon Young — Sew] Cacao Games (each representative Namgungon, CHO Kyuhyun) announced on 10 days of conducting a social contribution campaign for the experiential social contribution campaign for children s centers in the City Dodokinong Area Children s Center did.

The Friend Game Land Campaign, which is open in the Children s Center, a member of the Municipal Association of the Municipal Association, and a VR of 4D VR Game Bus and Braille Block Games, Ryan Photozone The programs are progressed.

Friend Games Looking for the Friends Games Land is a mobile theme park that combines 4D VR game content that provides fun that seems to ride a real play device such as a roller coaster and a rotating horse on an experiential bus.

Edutainment — Game-Based Learning | TIFF Kids Industry Conference

In this event, which was conducted on the campaign after the room, we conducted five playground experience in the Friend Game Land Bus, which was visited under the compliance with defense rules. We also presented various experiences and participation souvenirs such as game zones and photozone.

Cacao Games, in 2019, the special school The castle to meet with the school students in 2019, starting with the opportunity to experience the experiences of children in the year of the Korean children, did.

The company said, This year, Cacao Games, has been working hard, practicing a variety of social contribution activities for community children and adolescents, said the company. I will seek various ways to support hierarchy.

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