NFL Recap Pittsburgh Steelers vs Chicago Bears 29 27 Irres Finish Steelers wehren fulminantes Bears

The Pittsburgh Steelers have decided the Monday Night Game from week 9 against the Chicago Bears at the end despite fulminant catch-up of the guests 29:27 at the last minute. The Bears fell through numerous disciplinaryness, which they probably cost the game.

The Steelers started their first drive after a 14-yard Punt Return of Ray-Ray McLeod at their own 41-yard line. A 26-yard pass from Ben Roethlisberger to Chase Clay pool then brought the households right in position. A little later, Name Harris ran to a 10-yard touchdown.

The guests turned on again afterwards and were after an interception of D-Lineman Cam Hazard at the Line of Scrimmage a little later in trouble again. The Steelers thanked another touchdown — Roethlisberger found Tight End Pat Free Serenity after a felt eternity over 4 yards in the final zone.

After some other unsuccessful drives, the Bears managed to achieve a Field Goal before breaking.

The second half began with a defensive stop of the Bears, which subsequently found the way into the Red Zone. At the 4-yard line, however, was the conclusion, so Kicker Cairo Santos had to ran again and shortened at 6:14.

In return, Roethlisberger brought one of his few Deep balls directly to the start of the Drive — a 42-yard passport on James Washington to the 33. A few minutes later, Big Ben then found Friendly to the touchdown — the extra point went wrong, so that It was the end of the third quarter 20: 6.

Bear s awakening only in the final quarter

The Bears came to the game better afterwards and became explosive. Fields found Darnell Mooney for 20 yards and a little later Jimmy Graham for 28 yards. Then Mooney ran after a direct snap to Montgomery over 15 yards to the touchdown, who gave the Bear s new hope.

For a long time, the joy was not attracted, because after the Steelers had expanded the lead by a 54-yard-goal-goal of Chris Boswell, Jake em Grant lost a fumble at the kick-off return, which landed at Boswell. The households took over at the 42 of the Bears, but did not come too far and ultimately had to punted after a long sack of Linebacker Roman Smith.

The Bears did not come forward and had to punted, whereupon the Steelers also made a serious mistake. McLeod lost the Punt Return a fumble and Deandre Houston-Carson wore the leather over 25 yards into the end zone. 23:20 Steelers with 6:31 minutes on the clock!

In the following Drive, the Steelers came to the opposing half and were then stopped by a sack of Cassius Marsh at 3rd down. Afterwards, Marsh was punished for taunting, although it was not apparent, which should have made exactly Marsh as sportsman. He just looked only from the center of the field towards Bank of the Steelers without saying something. The Steelers retained the ball and took another time from the clock. The Bears managed a little later her stop, but still had to accept a 52-yard Field Goal of Boswell. There were still 2:52 minutes to play.

Fields held his team in the red zone in the red zone by a 39-yard passport on all Robinson. Then Fields Mooney found for a 16-yard touchdown to guide 1:42 minutes on the clock. However, the Steelers returned immediately and brought Boswell into position again. And the kicker was again successful, this time from 40 yards — 26 seconds before playing.

The Bears then tried in the end still the impossible, a 65-yard-goal-goal in Heinz Field, but Santos shot was clearly too short and the game over.

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3) — Chicago Bears (3-6)

Result: 29:27 (7: 0, 7: 3, 6: 3, 9:21) Box score

Steelers vs. Bears — The most important statistics

Many ways lead to Rome — or 63 passing yards, with which both quarterbacks have completed the first half. However, while Fields completed half with 15.8 air yards per passport attempt, Roethlisberger came to 3.2 Air yards per passport.
The first touchdown pass from Roethlisberger to Freutmuth was Big Ben s 17. Touchdown pass from an empty formation since the start of the season 2020 — most in the NFL.
The touchdown was favored a lot of time for Roethlisberger. He had loud next Gen stats 4.8 seconds to the throw. This was Roethlisberger s longest time to litter for a touchdown for week 11 2018 against Jacksonville.

The Star of the game: T.J. Watt (Edge Rusher, Steelers)

The defensive front of the Steelers was playing and caused a total of 11 pressures and 3 sacks against Fields. Best man of the group was once again Edge Rusher T.J. Watt with 4 pressures, all 3 sacks and a batted ball at the line very at the end. Another exclamation mark for the star player of this defense.

Bears vs. Steelers Week 9 Highlights | NFL 2021
The flop of the game: The disciplinaryness of the Bears

Apart from the taunting penalty against Marsh, who was just ridiculous, the Bears just made much too many mistakes and punishments. The bottom line were twelve penalties for 115 yards — underneath they gave the Steelers with 4 1st downs. And there were partly simply completely avoidable things like offside, illegal formations and the like. Partially, Timeouts also went through misprinted receivers on it. Just narrow games can not be gained.

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Analysis: Steelers vs. Bears — the tactical panel

The Steelers mainly put on fast, short passports — how had it. Addresses of this were either the receivers Johnson, Clay pool and Washington or just Name Harris from the Backfield. The idea behind it: to go the pass Rush the Bears out of the way.

A key to success was always the recognition of Man Coverage Outside The Numbers by Roethlisberger, who uttered these matchups again and again, especially against Corner back Kindle Victor, who had little to oppose. Another constant style of Steelers was also an end Around and Jet Sweeps of the Wide Receiver such as Donate Johnson or James Washington, which made them larger spatial gain.
The Bears-Pass Rush, in turn, mainly came from the front, on lightning against Roethlisberger, the guests largely renounced in the knowledge that usually there was no time anyway.

The Steelers in turn flashed Fields a lot more frequently (almost 35 percent of the drop backs) and always destroyed the rhythm of Fields. Accordingly, the passport of the guests were noticeably lacked the structure. Big Plays were always concluded if there were Fields to break out of the structure and the pocket. The play calling of the Bears did not often help, with a few planned bootlegs made sure that Fields improvisation talent came to validity.

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