Statue Valley Developer Chocolate Shop New Year Shield Block Action

The new Hunted Showcolati of the Star, the new Hunted Showole, was able to enjoy the battle that was much more advanced than the previous work. This is because it can prevent the enemy attack with a shield.

Eric Baron released the information related to the battle of this work through official websites on Hunted Show Collettes on the 30th. According to the public information, it is possible to defend the enemy attack with a shield in Hunted Showcolati. If you succeed in defense, enemy is stunned, and you can quickly put a damages faster than other enemies. It is possible to move the shield and move it, and it is also possible to rush to the enemy that attacks with a shield.

Eric Baron said, The shield and stunning mechanisms made the battle for a player who approach the battle more carefully. But we do not have to use the shield. And if you use it, it is possible to play other active plays in addition to the stunning after defense.

Hunted Show Collini is a game that runs a newly created work as a new work in 10 years since Eric Baron produced a star. You should go through the forests, pick up small wood fruit, conversize with NPC, collect ingredients and produce chocolate directly. In addition to chocolate, it is also possible to hire or special relationship with the ghost as a ghost, and the ghosts are hired or specially related to shop staff.

Shield Block and Tower Shields (Pathfinder 2e Rule Reminder #39)
Whether the release schedule and Korean support in Hunted Show Colliti, the platform is inevitable.

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