Saga s Saga series collaboration plan Romancing Saga 2021 starts from November 8 this year s theme is SAGA bath

Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. (Jap. ·, Kabushiki-Gaisha Sukuwea Enikkusu, English Square Enix Company, Limited )is a Japanese producer of computer game and also mangas. Square Enix was recognized by its console function games, including the Final Fantasy Series, Dragon Pursuit and Kingdom Hearts. Given that the acquisition of the British Publisher Eidos Interactive, the firm is likewise had by the Tomb Raider and also Deus Ex. It was also possessed by the Gunman brand till the self-reliance of IO Interactive. The holding firm Square Enix Holdings(, Kabushiki-Gaisha Sukuwea Enikkusu Hōrudingusu), to which Square Enix, Taito as well as various other companies have actually combined over 3000 staff members and also established 155 billion yen in the financial year to March 2014(1, 21 billion euros).

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Saga Prefecture and Square Enix announced that the offline event of collaboration planning Romancing Saga 2021 will start on November 8 in Saga Prefecture.

This year, Saga bath (Sagafro) collaborated with Takeo and Ureshino and Old-water in Saga Prefecture is the theme, and 10 kinds of manhols and the hot spring rally surrounding monuments of Arita, Saga s hot spring area attractiveness is experienced. In addition, Romancing Saga Man Hall special project movie can also be published and you can see what manhole is made.

Romancing Saga 2021, which has also prepared various benefits, such as a digital stamp rally around the hot spring area and a partner store Roma Saga Spot shopping and eating and drinking. It will be held on February 28, 2022, 2022. Please check the official site for details.

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