LOL Team Liquid could try the G2 ESPORTS method with Jensen in the Botlane

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The latest news at the international market of League of Legends are being a complete madness. After the perkz advertisement to want to leave the LCS to be closer to your family and exit of Bjergsen and SWRordArt of TSM have removed more than one fan of the North American League and He does not want more dislike, especially for TSM. Now, the news of the day is still related to the exit of Bjergsen, specifically the destination of the player for next year. According to the latest reports, the Midlaner Danish would move to Team Liquid to play in the central rail and Move to Jensen in the shooter position to make a partner with Corejj in the botlane.

It has been fionnonfire The one that has filtered this news, following the news with the following: Bjergsen can not sign anything official until mid-November when the market opens and while are trying this experiment, They said they want the best for all parts if this change of roles does not work. From Team Liquid seem to have assured that If this does not work, no damn player will come out, although it seems unlikely that this will happen by seeing the disadvantage catastrophic history of the North American teams trying things.

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It seems that the steeds will try to do that of g2 esports these last years that was to do ROLESWAP between CAPS and Perkz. In 2019 was one of the best experiments seen so far, and although the metagame favored the Croatian in the botlane, the level given by the players earned them for win the MSI of that same year and Finish Subcampeón of the World World Cup. In 2020 I would not end as we all expected, but if it remained a combination to respect at all times and from which many teams have tried to match without success. We will see if Americans work or another absolute failure will be.

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