Leaks show strong new banners for Genshin Impact 2 2 Genial weapons and characters

The first banner since the launch of patch 2.2 ausGenshin Impact to an end tend contrary. Leaker will now have found that 4-star characters in Hu Tao and what 5-star weapons waiting for you.

On November 2, the rerun of Hu Tao appears. With the new character banners and every time weapons banners that included two different 5-star weapons appear.

Leaker will now have found you can get in addition to Hu Tao which weapons and 4 star characters. this info treated, as always, wisely. It may be that it turns out to be wrong.

Hu Tao banners are these characters:


In the arms banner of the 5-star spear Homa wand and the five-star bow Last Sigh should be included. The information has been confirmed by Leakern as genshinmains (via Twitter) and BLANK (via Twitter) on Twitter.

Homa Bar and Last sigh as strong weapons

Why is Homa rod strong? The Homa rod has a strong effect that you are an attack boost of 0.8% of maximum health (LP) of the carrier. In addition, the attack by a further 1% of the maximum LP rises when your figure less than 50% has its LP.

In addition, your LP increased by 20% and the Sub-Stat includes critical damage that you can raise when you level up the gun. In addition to the Black Stone lance Homa rod is the only spear that gives you extra critical damage.

? On whom the Homa staff is All characters that attack with a spear, rod Homa can benefit from, but there are heroes, which allow us to:

Hu Tao, as their attack power scaling capabilities with LP. Especially their special ability in harmony with this weapon because it distributes more damage also at 50%. You want Hu Tao always play with small LP. As a main DPS, they also benefited from an extra critical damage.
Zhongli, if you will, that he can dish out some more damage. His shield can protect insanely good him and other characters under 50% HP.
Probably the new character Thoma because his skills scale with LP and he can act a shield that protects him on low LP. In addition, its damage can be increased.

Hu Tao, however, is the one that can Homa the rod is best to use. For them, the spear was created then. Xiao could you also give the weapon, but he loses when inserting the special ability LP. If he is already sent low record in the fight, this could lead to its rapid K.O.

Why is the arch Last Sigh strong? Last Sigh allows you to collect, which are then automatically used four signs of remembrance. Give all squad members for 12 seconds 100 points Elementary customer and attack increased by 20%. This effect can trigger it every 20 seconds.

Furthermore, are the arch you 60 points elemental customer as a solid stat and as a sub-Stat, he has charge rate which is useful for special skills to be able to recharge faster.

On whom does Last Sigh is? Especially sub-DPS and support can benefit from last sigh because of the charge rate, the Elementarkunde- and attack boost. This includes:


You can watch the seals and the resulting buffs perfect to use as a backup for your main DPS. At that time the arch was specially brought out for Venti.

Useful 4 star characters in Hu Taos Banner

Why is useful Thoma? Thoma is a new 4-star character by Hu Taos banner the way in Genshin Impact. As we have already reported in articles about patch 2.2, Thoma is more of a sub-DPS or supporter for your team. It goes well with Hu Tao, because it triggers along with it the Pyro Team Buff, which gives you 25% more attack.

It can also build a protective shield for Hu Tao that lingers in the best case, always in the low LP-range and can therefore use the shield well. Thoma and Hu Tao could be a really strong team.

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Brief general information on Thoma:

Element: Pyro
Weapon: Spear
Specialty: Sub-DPS

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Why is useful Sayu? Sayu s only the second time in an event banner here and a strong all-rounder. You can heal trigger reliable Verwirblungen that weakens the enemy and dish out solid damage.

Whoever has it once, who could tend to be your 1st constellation. If the constellation is unlocked, your special ability can not only heal, but also cause damage to opponents in parallel. Previously, the ability has the rule that states that characters must only have more than 70% of their LP before Sayu can attack.

Short general information about Sayu:

Element: Anemo
Weapon: Two-handers
Specialty: Sub-DPS

Why is Diona useful? Diona is one of the best supports in Genshin Impact. Even if you already have a few times, it is worthwhile to unlock your constellations up to the 6th level. Because then you spark the complete potential of the cat girl.

Diona can give you a protective shield and heal. In addition, you will return more LP when the 6th constellation is activated and an elementary customer boost of 200 points.

Short general information about Diona:

Element: Kryo
Weapon: Bow
Specialty: Support

Hu Tao – one of the strongest main DPs in the game

Hu Tao is a pyro-spear user and is considered one of the strongest main-dps in the game. She has tremendous loss potential and can simply destroy opponents simply in single-handedly. In our animal list we have categorized them in the SS rank.

With fierce blows, their elementary and special ability, she slits through the opponents and can even heal. If you have the luck, owns the Homa bar, a shield and good artifacts, puts them most other figures in their shadows.

If your Hu Tao has already owned and playing actively, it can be worth the Homa rod for you to powder or Thoma as a suitable Shield. Even their first constellation is essential because they do not use stamina for their fierce blows after the use of their elemental ability.

If you just do not actively save for Gorou, ITTO or future characters, you can definitely benefit from the upcoming banners.

What do you think about the banners? If you seem like the leaks say, will your swirls or continue to save? Write us in the comments.

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