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Hu Tao comes back on the second banner Genshin-impact s version 2.2, which comes to the market in a few days. To celebrate the return of the 77th director of the Wangsheng Funeral Institute, here you will find a guide for a Hu Tao Build, which shows all your enemies your true power.

Is Hu Tao a support or a DPS?

Hu Tao is an elementary DPS whose main strength is in its ability to create massive and constant pyro damage thanks to its elementary skill, which allows it to enter your Paramita Papilio state. In this state, it covers its normal attacks with Pyro and increases its total ATK based on its maximum HP.

Recommended artifacts for Hu Tao

A Hu Tao Build has to focus on their strengths that lie in their HP-to-ATK transformation, and their ability to cause constant pyro damage. Against this background we recommend the use of a 4-part Crimson Witch of Flames Sets, which not only increases their pyro damage by 15%, but also the damage of overweight and burn by 40% and that of evaporation and melt by 15% while increasing their total pyro damage by 7.5% (up to 22.5%) for 10 seconds after using their elemental vicinity.

Given that Hu Taos Elemental Skill scales from its Max HP, we recommend that you use a HP% Sands of Eon. Below you will find the best main statistics for every artifact:

Flower of life : HP%
Feather of death : ATK%
Sand of EONE: HP%
KELCH OF EONOTHEME : Pyro damage bonus
Ripe from logos: CRIT rate%

We recommend that you prioritize the understatistics: Krit Rate, Krit Damage and HP%. It is also important that it will receive an amount of at least 50% crit rate and 100% crit damage alone by the artifacts so that you can select your weapon without having to think about the values ​​mentioned. Remember that Hu Tao will always have enormous critish damage thanks to its innate property.

Recommended HU Tao weapons

Taking into account the strong suits of Hu Tao is your presented weapon, the rod of Homa, for you the best weapon in the game, because the 5-star rod weapon not only a huge increase in HP (20%), but also an increase in the Provides strength and in Crit DMG. The weapon is also the ideal weapon for the Hu Tao Build shown above. Our second choice would be the primordial Jade Winged-Spear, which has a crit-rate subwight, which makes it easier to achieve the ideal crit rate of 70%. The weapon also allows players to get more CRIT DMG by using a DMG circle from Logos.

HU TAO IS AMAZING! Best Hu Tao Guide - Artifacts, Weapons, Teams & Showcase! | Genshin Impact

On the side of the 4-star weapons, our main election would be the rod weapon of the dragon flake, which enables Hu Tao, those affected by both pyro and hydro, 20% more harm. The Battle Pass Exclusive Deathmatch rod weapon is also a good choice as it offers a good increase in the crit rate. The dragon curse is the ideal 4-star weapon for the build shown above.

Which talents are for Hu Tao. to prioritize?

Since Hu Tao, as already mentioned, is a figure whose equipment focuses on their ability to cause elementary damage by soaking their normal attacks thanks to their elemental ability with pyro, it is important that they focus on their normal attacks and Your elementary capabilities to improve first. But do not forget that your Elemental Burst is also an important part of your equipment and can do massive damage. You can get HU Taos Talent-Level-Up materials on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays in the Taishan Mansion Domain in the Juyun Karst.

Best team compositions for Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a DPS that can do a lot of damage, but it can only develop your true potential if it is placed in the correct composition. Against this background, you need a team that allows it to trigger both the Vaporize (Hydro + Pyro) as well as the Melt Response (Cryo + Pyro), which scales the ATK unlike the others in the game. We recommend the following composition: Hu Tao + Heiler / Enabler + Enabler / Sub DPS + Shield Support / Damage. As you can see, it is ideal if you choose characters that can fulfill two roles for each position.

Our main selection on this topic would be Xingqiu, which is able to cause high elementary damage at short intervals, while he applies to opponents Hydro, Barbara, Qiqi or Diona, as they provide effective and constant healing and at the same time enable reactions, and Zhongli, which can not only shield his teammates, but can also inflict opponents high burst damage. If you use the rod weapon from Dragon s Bane, we recommend using a vaporize-focused team with Xingqiu / Mona and Barbara. For a Melt-focused composition we recommend Qiqi + victim sword or Diona + sacrificial arch + Keya. Overall, every character capable of activating both melting and evaporation often function well. Genshin Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Mobile Devices – Android and iOS.

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