Mouse keyboard operation is also possible Iron Harvest PS5 version is the decision version of console machine RTS play report

Iron Harvest (English about Iron Harvest ) is a real-time strategy game of the Bremer Developer Studio King Art. The game won 2020 the German Developer Prize in the categories Best German Game, Best Game Design and Best Sound.

October 28th. Iron Harvest (Iron Harvest), which was already released on a PC, lands in PS5 / Xbox Series X | S. Therefore, this article delivers a play report using PS5 version.

DMM Games, which is responsible for sales of domestic console version of this work, is also sold, etc. Let s report on the sense of operation that plays RTS with the controller without the time.

※ In this report, we will explain in accordance with the PS5 version.

What game is Iron Harvest ?

Iron Harvest has a work on the 1920s Europe in the 1920s who walked with a real world. Diesel puncture gadgets such as multi-leg mecha and flying boats are attractive.

This work is based on the worldview of the World of 1920+ drawn by Poland s famous concept artist, Yakve Rosal Ski, and as a game that shares the same view of the world, size-Oshien war role- (SCYTHE) I have a game. It may be a popular board game that will be a digital version, and there may be many people who know.

The artwork drawn by Hakub Rosal Ski, a diverse tradition of the early modern and landscape, and a different Meck in the mysterious natural landscape, is a 1920s that is rapidly replacing mechanical technology and heavy industry I m conveying the time of change and conveying an attempt.

In this work, it is also drawn in the Size-Daisuke Battle Role-, which is also drawn in the Size-Oshien Battle of World OF 1920+, and the factory that is famous in the real world belongs to the factory Draw a story that contains each other in the form of real-time strategies (RTS).

In fact, I was able to play a PC version that was released earlier, with Mr. Yakub Rosal Ski, but the game system is almost identical to the RTS masterpiece Company of Heroes, RTS game There was no originality as an ordinity (it is interesting because it is a copy of the masterpiece). However, The world view is the best and the story is interesting. Therefore, PC user who wanted to play CoH in the diesel punk world was played.

On the other hand, in the consumer machine, the appearance changes. RTSs that can be played on CS machines are extremely small and can be played in Japanese with console machines in recent I only know about Stellaris. Therefore, RTS played by consumer is just an irreplaceable charm for this work.

By the way, this work is inserted in a form that is essential to the story and you can learn little by little while enjoying the story.

There are three types of difficulty, and it will be able to concentrate on the story if it is the easiest difficulty level. Therefore, even if it is a RTS beginner, you can play with confidence. If you want to play RTS for the first time, it is recommended to take a hand without getting lost if you re Bib) when you re Bib) to the Artwork and 1920+ Worldwise.

The next section will explain game play focusing on the most worried operation.

A sense of operation during gameplay. Can I use a mouse keyboard?

The concern when playing RTS on a consumer machine will operate tough?

In order to compensate for the amount of operation, RTS is optimized for mouse keyboard input, so it is more than skeptical to be able to play with the controller.

I would like to see the controller fully in the Iron Harvest. On top of that, this work is Captures for keyboard mouse operations. You can play the consumer machine s RTS with a PC that does not change with a PC!

Controller Operation Impressions

In the previous controller operation, it stated that it can be played well, but this is a huge command that is unique to RTS, pressing the button and selects the menu. And I felt quite inconvenient from the PC RTS gamer.

For example, this work can use commands such as abilities and withdrawals that can be triggered temporarily when the unit builds up in battle, but these are formats to select each command after opening the menu with L2. (You can enter a command with one key if it is a PC)

Also, although familiar grouping is possible with RTS, controller operations were only four allocated to the cross button.

The most basic operation unit selection can also be selected with the unit on the field with the x buttons, and the L1 and R1 buttons can be selected from the unit list at the bottom of the screen. However, It is a disadvantage that it is a controller operation that is difficult to operate a fine unit selection.

How to do mouse keyboard operation

The method of using the mouse keyboard in the Iron Harvest PS5 version is easy, and Each mouse keyboard is only.

If you sense your mouse or keyboard, the Iron Harvest side automatically will be the same UI as the PC version. Furthermore, the tutorial operation guide also changed to the mouse keyboard specification. In this case, grouping was also used fully.

Also, selection and movement of each unit in the entire map can also be performed during mouse keyboard operation.

Since RTS is most likely to play mouse keyboard operation, if you do not have any special reasons, you can play comfortably when you try the mouse keyboard.

Rich setting item

In addition to the language settings for both letters and serifs, detailed setting items such as blind or damage notation are implemented.

In particular, the of UI could be freely changed.


This work may be completed version for RTS for consumers. Consumer machines support mouse keyboard operations, and you can enjoy the finished system of Company of Heroes that is the basic form of RTS in the world view of the world view of the modern beautiful graphic and Yakubu Rosal Ski.

There are about 60 stories campaigns with power. In addition, there is enough to play with AI, multiplayer and volume. If you are a consumer machine gamer, if you are interested in RTS, Iron Harvest is a game software that you should definitely buy.

Well, I will play the DLC of the Yusonia Campaign and the Los Viet Revolution that I did not buy on the PC. Yes, the consumer version Iron Harvest is a complete edition. It is that contains all DLCs. Let s be soaked in the 1920 diesel punk world!

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