LOL Ashe s perfect play that encourages us to play it in the Toplane

The qualifiers of League of Legends does not stop surprising us every day with unimaginable glorious and refundable plays that we have all spent in our games. We have also been able to find champions in positions that we would never imagine as we are going to talk now: ashe in the t oplane. The ice queen came to the upper lane in a strange way in This play, but the surprising thing is not the place where it plays, but the play that executes in such a clean and precious way as it has happened this time in the game.


The play begins with ashe in the botlane pushing the line to have more freedom in the lower lane, while her rival, Viktor, was in the upper lane doing the same job. Well, it s here when the Reddit user Sirtchuck began the possibly played his life: The player throws the definitive of the handle with direct destination to Toplane A the Once you use your to arrive before the arrow to the upper lane. As the giant arrow advances, Viktor is not attentive and completely eaten the definitive Ashe, which arrives just at the perfect time with the TP of him to finalize the work of the arrow.

Thus, the invoker feels like the best history of the story of League of Legends with this play and it is likely that in that game he has won it and the rest of them on the same day. If we think the play coldly, it is a thought that only the most original and tanned players can do, since If you fail the definitive, the TP would not have served anything. Hopefully this kind of plays become much more viral and see more champions out of their line in good hands instead of the typical teem in between ends 0/11 or that maybe leave the best player in the world.

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