Minecraft Build iron farm in 1 17 Simple farm for beginners

In this guide, we build an iron farm inminecraft 1.17. It works with the tunnel version and also with the Java version on the PC. Beginners can easily rebuild the farm and thus quickly iron iron from Golems.

What is this farm? With this farm you can quickly farm farms at the beginning of your Minecraft world. You only need easily obtained items such as Cobblestone, beds, water, lava and signs. In our ingredient list we show you exactly what you need.

Consider that this is an iron farm for beginners on the PC, it can still be expanded and expanded.

Iron farm build with these ingredients – item list

What do you need?

68 Blocks Cobblestone
Can be other, solid stones. With us in the example we call Cobblestone
5 beds
32 blocks glass
1 bucket of water
1 bucket lava
1 box
4 signs
48 walls
3 Hopper (funnel)
2 to 5 Villager

The idea of ​​this type of iron farm we got from Voltrox to YouTube.

Instructions – so you build the iron farm

The beginning: First explores the environment and look for a nice place for your iron farm. Nearby should not stand any buildings or if, then so that no iron golems spawn on it. So it should not be a village with active village camps nearby.

Losing with Cobblestone. Sets 8 blocks on top of each other and builds you up. The 8th block is the base of a platform – builds a 5 × 5 blocks platform: 5 blocks wide, 5 blocks long.

Then you place the beds as in the following picture on the platform and placed on the free parts of your platform a block Cobblestone on which there is no bed. Thus, the Cobblestone blocks surround the platform, apart from a place where the foot end of a bed is all outside. Make sure that your beds are placed exactly as in the picture.

Now your glass blocks placed on the Cobblestone and also above the foot end of the bed all the outside. Glass surrounds your platform as a wall upwards. The glass wall is two blocks high.

Now you can place the villagers in your glass box. You need at least 5 pieces. 2, however, already reach; If you add your iron workers to carrots, they multiply. Do you have the opportunity, then all 5 villagers brings in.

On a corner of the glass you placed the box and puts on the three free blocks directly threaten three funnels, which connects you via Shift-Click with the box.

The rest of this level is now filling with a location Cobblestone. That looks like this in the following picture:

The MOB trap: Fenced the platform now on the box + funnel + Cobblestone with your wall. The wall should be high three blocks.

On one side on the corner with the funnels, you placed two signs: one on the lower wall block directly over a funnel and one on the middle wall block, directly above the first sign.

The 2 other signs are placed on the top wall piece. However, they do not come directly across the funnel, but in the middle of the wall left and right from the funnel. So the block remains free over the funnel and leaves room for the lava.

That s what this should look like:

Now fill the bucket of lava on the shield, which was attached two seats over the funnel. The lava should now be trapped in the corner.

In the opposite corner she fills the bucket of water on the floor. So the water flows directly towards the funnel and lava.

How works the iron Golem trap

That happens: During the night, the villagers will lay down in their beds. On the day, every few minutes of iron golems spawn in your contemporary platform.

The Golems are driven directly into the lava through the water and defeated there for several hits. The Loot does not burn because the lava is not on the ground. Instead, the iron barrels fall directly into the funnels and are directed from there into the box.

You have to know: A farm like this only works during the day. You should be nearby and sleep quickly at night, so that the farm works efficiently.

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How much iron do you earn? In the test we earned 25 iron bars in 15 minutes with a platform. Who wants, can build the farm several times and thus more iron farms.

Pro iron golem Droppen 3 to 5 iron bars. And if you have luck, there is one to two flowers. This is not the fastest iron farm, but for beginners a strong start.

If you have tried the farm, then your opinion writes us here in the comments on Meinmmo. Maybe you still have improvements or other wishes for guides to Minecraft, which you can give us as a feedback.

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