PlayStation registers controversial patent for online games

At the beginning of 2020, Sony recorded a new patent that would allow Streamers and their viewers to temporarily or permanently engage certain users of the games multiplayer . Despite having been registered last year, just recently that it was approved and there are certain concerns about it.

As you could see in the image above, the process is that viewers can vote to expel the players they want. It is also possible that you send messages, and there is even mention of a system that would allow you to pay for expelling. Now do you see why it is controversial?


In recent years we have seen Sony register a few questionable patents, but the truth is that few of these ideas end up specifying. Said the above, it is no secret that Sony and PlayStation began to interfere in the space of the esports , so patents as these will surely begin to draw attention. For now, we recommend not worrying too much.

Editor s note: Well, it sounds like a somewhat controversial function that could end very badly for PlayStation users. Although the intentions of sony are good, maybe the execution is not adequate, but we will see if at the end yes implement it or not.

Via: VGC

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