Dead by Daylight Asset becomes an NFT and people are not happy

You have always wanted to buy an emblematic villain of monster movie? A big naughty of the big screen, a seller of frights, a punishment propagator? Perhaps, but intellectual property is not for sale here. Instead, you can buy the 3D model of Pinhead used in Dead by Daylight and own it. But it s silly, you can not really own a digital thing … or not?

It s a long story, so here is a very fast overview. The Hellraiser / Pinhead IP does not belong to Behavior, Dead by Daylight developer. Instead, it is licensed to them through Boss Team Games, which belong to Boss Protocol themselves. It was the latter group that turned the Dead by Daylight into NFT game, putting it on sale and offering people the opportunity to own a piece of the selection of dead by daylight monsters.

For those who are not aware, a non-fungible token (in TRès basic terms) is a certificate of property for something digital. People have a very specific vision of property when it comes to objects, but everything on the Internet makes these instincts useless. How can you own a work of art if someone can make an exact copy at any time? Thanks to NFT, you can mark something like you originally belonging – and that NFT can never be stolen or reproduced. The technological implications of something like this are interesting, of course, but they have not yet found any use that has reached consumer popularity.

Every Licensed Killer On Behaviour's Radar - Dead by Daylight

And … yeah, this use is probably not going to change things. People often react negatively to NFTs, qualifying them at best stupid purchases and worst scams. This movement does not seem capable of changing these spirits. The purchase of the Pinhead model does not give you access to exclusive content, although it is giving you access to the Hellraiser chapter of Dead by Daylight, and according to a FAQ, Some NFT Pinhead will unlock access to HELLRAISER collection objects. and all will be entitled to their owners (at a later date) to additional NFTs (such as the lament box configuration) at no cost.

So, you could get extra tips and more than NFT? But what happens if you do not see the TVN as valuable? This question is why a movement like this is so repulsed. People are simply not convinced by the idea of ​​ property in a world where copying / paste exists. Maybe if the purchase offered a little more, people would be more open. But in the current state of things … Yeah, it s not great.

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