Kevin Prince Boateng I m not Messi or Ronaldo

Yes, I m looking forward to it, said Routinier Boateng on Tuesday afternoon after training as part of a media round and closed: I hope I will well receive. It can probably be sure of the most prominent Hertha access of the past summer. Finally, the 34-year-old in his one year in Frankfurt – the 2017/18 season – not only 36 compulsory games (six goals), but made significantly with that the Eintracht by a 3-1 in the final of Berlin against Bayern FC Munich DFB Cup winner became a title to the Main after 20 years.

This is a game we need to win.

Kevin Prince Boateng

As specifically, the game for the returnee in Hertha-Dress is personal, so important is she also for the team of coach Pal Dardai. This is a game we need to win, says Boateng, and that s why the personal contact with the people he knew, for 90 minutes. We can hug ourselves before the game and after the game, says Boateng. In between, he adds, there will be no friends . What awaits Hertha in Frankfurt, Boateng is clear about it. You have to stop that there will be contact that it will hurt, says the midfielder about the team of coach Oliver Glasner. Whole, as the Frankfurter after the 2-1 victory ago had a tailwind in Munich. That can push you through the season, adds Boateng. For Hertha, it starts to go with a broad breast , which does not appear so easily in the current situation. Pressure is there, that also knows Boateng. But he also says: It s an important game, but not the most important game of the season.

Nevertheless, it would be beneficial to the overall situation in Berlin if Hertha in Frankfurt does not emphasize empty. We are in a difficult situation, White Boateng, but right then you have the opportunity to grow. You do not grow at games you win or on situations that are easy. You are growing at things that are difficult or on defeats. That s exactly what we try.

Boateng finds Matthew criticism Naughty

Boateng himself is thinking about his own words day and night thinking about how the situation can be improved and sees itself in the role as a leader of the team to 100 percent accepted for him. I have full backing from the team. That s very important to me.

The fact that it gave critical comments for his previous performances on the green grass (use in the cup, five league inserts, four of them in the starting eleven, Prince Boateng-notes section 4.50). I was more criticized in my career as praised, he realizes, that bounces off me. Herthas number 27, Hertha s Number 27 has been annoyed about the recent criticism of Lothar Matthäus. After seven matchdays to say, the time of a player is over, I find naughty, says Boateng on the recordings of the record national player and Sky experts after the game against Freiburg, but maybe he fell like to get a headline. He got that. Everything was said.

Leader is not a 25 year old Prince Boateng more

Boateng lives in the awareness of not brilliant after his return to his home club. I might not play very well, I ll see that too, he says. He looks in the mirror every day, so the ex-national player Ghana, and ask: What can I do better? At the same time, Boateng also points out, under which premise he had returned to Hertha. You have to understand one: I did not come here as a 25-year-old Prince Boateng, who wins every game alone and makes one goal and a assist each, I knew that before, the club knew before, he emphasizes and adds: Maybe I do not play a game over 90 minutes this season, maybe I ll play the next ten games over 90 minutes. That depends on the situation, is also play-dependent. I did not come here to be Messi or Ronaldo.

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