NEW WORLD Where can you find faire iron for crafting So you get it

Who deals with the craft in New World, quickly encounters a question: Where to celebrate the vulture I find fencing iron? This question often fills the public chat, because the game does not reveal at any point where there is the rare ore. But we ll tell you how to increase your chances in the search – because one would have to know directly: it s a lucky thing. No wonder so that you quickly pay three-digit gold sums for the trading item. Feen iron is important for low-scale weapons, which have firmly specified armor – so you always have the same result and do not have to hope for stronger variants. Source: quickly encounters

Minecraft but Bees Beat the game for you
Where can I find fencing iron in New World?

Fenisen has no fixed degradation point such as iron ore or wood, but is a rare material. It can be with happiness when degrading iron ore. So in plain text: remove a lot of iron ore and hope. But New World has an integrated happiness mechanics that you can influence with items:

Special mining plants for fenis

Get a mining lacquer with the property Mining Glück . This increases the likelihood of gaining rare materials such as fencing iron when degrading ore. Such a mining hover is absolute gold value – copies of this kind can be found in New World for a lot of money in the trading post. With luck she builds you as an engineer itself. Source: quickly encounters

The right buff food for mining helps with fenisen

On top of that you can consume buff food, which increases your happier. For example, you need potatoes: chefs can produce roasted potatoes or the even better in herbs roasted potatoes that increase the mining happiness for 20 or 25 minutes by 1000 or 1400 points. Chefs make practical buff food that raises your luck with mining. Thus, the chance of fenisen also increases. Source: quickly encounters

Where is iron ore in New World?

Ironerz itself can be significantly easier in New World (Buy Now 39.99 €), but you have to go to the right places. Seek highlands (recognizable on brownish coloring on the world map – simply opens on the map on the map Places with raw materials ) and then keep your eyes open. We can recommend the very useful website where you can filter after resources to find out where players found iron ore: newworld map can be planned beautiful resource routes. Here, for example, between wind circle and enter-out groove. Source: quickly encounters has reached her level 25 in mining, show your compass even iron nearby. So just chop wildly. Remember: The mining skill also increases through the reduction of normal stones.

If you can give other readers still tips for fenisen, mining or other occupations in New World? Well then out of it – we look forward to your comments!

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