The Three Kingdoms Wushuang 8 Emperor confirmed the launch of the 20th anniversary of the 20th anniversary of the end of December

Taiwan Guangrong Takado announced that the tactical action Kingdoms of the booking for sale Real · Three Kingdoms Wushuang 8 Empires / Emperor Bi (PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Steam) have decided Limited on December 23 and started to accept the appointment entity version from now on.

Along with the beginning of the reservation, publicly disclose the digital download version of the exclusive digital true · Three Kingdoms Wushuang 8 Empires Deluxe Edition . It is also synchronous publishing that you can make this play more interesting quarterly tickets, while the digital download version is scheduled to open an appointment in the future.

真 · Three Kingdoms Wushuang 8 Empires Introduction

The 20th anniversary of true · Three Kingdoms is the latest Empires series of Empires series of Empires series of simulated Kingdoms elements that can be experienced at the same time.

In this work, the Empires series of characteristics is full of strategic battles to attacking the city war , with the surrounding area of ​​the city, led the army to capture the city. In the event of a change in the war, you can use a variety of strats or your own force to attack the city gate. This will bring you a new battle.

With its own choice and the political system of national rise and fall, the political system , which is rushing to decide, is still reserved. Players will experience the monarch, general, and a soldier and a lot of career in wild military. This work can also be accessed throughout and various military universities, through the constructing relationship, it will guide more powerful countries.

In addition, this work is equally equipped with editing function known in the Empires series. By combining the favorite accessories, the original editing of players is created. Through and unparallert, all incidents will be launched, and write only your epic Three Experiences .

早 早 特 特 「 Men s editing Zhao Yun Set download serial number

真 · Three Kingdoms Wushuang 8 Empires 20th Anniversary Box

· Sold Price: 3,930 yuan · Kingdoms body · Collection of all 94 roles of the 20th anniversary selection of paintings · Role card 94 sets (including display frame) · Original sound music CD (2 groups) for the previous sale True · Three Kingdoms Wushuang series of specialized version of the painted content of the painted content for selection and reproduction

Digital Download Edition Reservation Code

· Baoyu Amunity : Special Equipment with Effects of Enhanced Props and Defense Rises

Digital version of the dedicated luxury version

· Kingdoms body · Season ticket · Baoyu 6 · Guwu will edit the role of 10 kinds · Activities have a total of 3

· December 23, 202 (4) Booked for sale · Editorial components set a total of 14 kinds · Addition of Miyagi 5 kinds · Quarterly ticket: 4 species of special arms

Detailed information can be referred to: Real · Three Kingdoms Wushuang 8 Empires official website

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