The aroma is overflowing Blue Reflection Emperor open trials to play Bad Tian Mier Players will definitely find the role of favorite characters

Glorious Takamo issued, by well-known Beauty girl painting Shore Tianmel (Shore Outu), a rpg reflection blue reflection : emperor (Blue Reflection: TIE, hereinafter referred to as the emperor) will be launched by the PC in October and November, and the reflection corner has also obtained the Steam version of the STEAM version and participated in the production of the producer. Interview, together to learn about this characteristics and make secrets!

Emperor is a ring of Blue Reflection / Sword cross-media composite plan, developed by Chain Gold House Gust, Animation Blue Reflection: 澪 (ray) has been broadcast recently, while mobile reflection <Blue Reflection: Clan (Sun) will then be launched in Japan.

But I actually didn t play Blue Reflection or I have no problem, although the story has certain relevance, but the producer said that the emperor is also no problem, even if the emperor can know more World view.

The Emperor story description The protagonist of Joji suddenly entered the world, where there was a drifting school, living three lost memories, girls, in order to seek memory and let the love of love, they are famous heart The space is moving forward, but there is a magic thing, this time the girl awakened the power of counter-seeker and started their aroma overflow (?) School life and the foreign world battle experience.

More sexy role design

Within the scope of the test version, our initial role group: Xing Saki loves to promote, toughness, the palace is introduced with Jincheng Yongxi. First, in the role clothing, the anti-dance girl s sword is the comparison is based on white, the design is mainly designed with the dream sensation of the magic girl; and emperor is dark because the story is dark. Therefore, the main color design is biased towards black, heavy design.

Weapons are more exaggerated in shape, inspiration of BOSS weapons in front of the main reference. Shore Tianmer said that the love of the army s weapon screng is in response to the requirements of the producer. He then cooperates with the image design clothes, and the magic girl who is lightly fluttering before the day, Emperor is biased toward sexy styling.

Boida Mel also revealed that the protagonist is the long-standing role. It is mainly the protagonist of the Sword of the Magical Girl . The nature of the nature of the TV animation is short hair. Under the multi-party reference, let him wear it. Headband, zonalt from Yang Yili s twist.

In addition, he added that the three protagonists are only a coincidence. In the design process, it is actually drawing a number of drafts to the producer, but just choose short hair, but the female owner like Can is long hair.

As for the poor heart, he is the first design, most satisfied role, because his past style is mainly thin and beautiful, the mind is, with some sexy elements, 3D modeling effects Very good, it was the design before he had. The inverse model is a conjunction with the original red dress and the cute design along the original red dress.

The mature old man is that, because it is a new gymnice, the weapon is a hula, the opposite side is also a long dress along the uniform, plus a elegant mature image.

Finally, Yong Xi, is the favorite role in the outer table of Shi Tianmer. He has already feel very cute when he is designing. After seeing 3D modeling, I think how it will be so cute , so I like her very much. .

In addition, it is not just the color of the anti-image, and the clothing of the Shimida Mel is also tried for the first time. The uniforms in Japan s reflections and animations are often colorful hue, but he doesn t like it, his style is more embarrassing, close to realistic uniform design, which can be seen in Sword of the Sword .

However, because the campus of this work is a fantasy world , this bold uses more exaggerated big pink, yellow, etc., in Japan s realistic design. Also, in recent years, he noted that girls in Asia like women s high school universities wearing exaggerated colors, and I feel very cute and interesting, so I tried a lot of usually not designed.

In the character design, some media also asked a problem that is intriguing: Now there is a part of the exhibition of women s strength, is there a related consideration in design? To this, the Shore Tianmer said that he has seen it. It is the current world trend, but he believes that with this type of reflection audience, I want to see the female role of the muscles or a small number, so it is still based on the fan of serving Gust.

A slightly different, some fans have been playing the Lesha s Chain Workshop , and the design of the flat, flat chest is also hoped to have a full, bitter role, so it is also designed in this character. Try to present the beauty of women s lines.

Blue Reflection: Second Light - it's going to be my favourite game ever
紧 紧 的 即 制 即 制

The main reflectionplay of Emperor is to return to the heart of the base in the field. Because of the same developer, in the exploration, fighting, UI design and other elements are similar to chain gold buildings , search for materials, fighting, making items or construction facilities to promote the plot.

Players will enter the battle mode as long as they are in the space, this time, the immediate system of running strips is the core. Over time, it will accumulate the so-called Ai Delole point . You can show the corresponding move. After the hit hit, the cumulative speed will increase, and improve the GEAR value, the skill level will be further improved, and after 3, you can transform anti-picture and open more skills. In addition, the instruction is applied, and the role will continue to move. When the enemy attacks, we can still attack at the same time, and the overall battle rhythm is more compact than the previous work.

Players can also use Auto to let partners free action, focus on behalf of love. However, the reflection is speaking to accumulate the number of hits to improve the damage, and it is easy for the enemy to enter the down state; the opposite enemy can also reduce the move of our combo number, but also ask for buff, counterattack and other instructions, to a certain extent Still have fun skills.

交 与 美 美 约 约 主 主 主 主 主!

In the reflection, there are various requests from partners. As the task is completed, in addition to improving the role relationship, get more events, more other roles, and watch the related plot.

Xiaoyi Shi three said that the heart is like a memory of the role, and through the exploration to retrieve the loss of memory, it is more than the main line, so each character is more associated with the main line plot. The role story is to advance the main line.

Teacher Boida Mel said that this reflection character is carefully designed. He has a very confident. Players can find one or several of their own favorite characters, and I hope that players and girls will date more, be sure to experience it. Plot.

Small knot

The whole trial, the battle is rich in more interesting, but the most important thing is to communicate with the role, you can see that many girls are pleasing, and more comfortable interactions, one of the fun of such reflections through the camera mode. .

COSPLAY is a hobby or for work? Teacher personally answer!

Finally, some media asked many people quite curious problems, that is, the teacher of the shorea has passed through the uniforms of the women s day, and I am curious to ask if this time will Cosplay love Central? He smiled, in fact, COSPLAY is not interested, not for work, but he is a uncle who specializes in a girl, and wearing a miniskirt showing an anti-different feeling, plus things like to make evoking, so just let everyone be happy.

As for the original COSPLAY, I made a suit wearing it. If this time I will have a love, I want him to wear, he is also completely no problem.

Blue Reflection: Emperor will be listed on the PS4, Switch and Steam on October 21, and Switch and Steam, and the home computer experience version is now open. The content is divided into two parts, the visibility chapter and the sixth chapter. The experience version can inherit to the official version. Interested players may wish to play.

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