Line Bean Korea Daehae Road New BI and video release

Bingsu (Korean: 빙수), often written as bingsoo, is a Korean cut ice dessert with pleasant garnishes that might consist of chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and also red beans.The most typical range is pat-bingsu (Korean: 팥빙수), the red bean shaved ice. The major component of ice was natural ice in the past, but later fabricated ice was created and also high-grade sugar were developed, as well as now it has been boosted into boiled red bean cut ice or fruit shaved ice mixed with different fruits. At first, the ice-cutting machine was a basic device in the form of an aircraft, today the electrical power is widely made use of after a manual turning by hand.

Line Bean Korea has released new BI and taging images of the Mobile MMORPG Daeyang Road on the 28th.

The new logo of the opposition party is characterized by that the red color changed to the existing season 2.

In the launch of Nueva Salida (New Start) , with the beginning of Season 2, the subtitle of the game title that changed to Mundo Ardient , which means Mundo Ardient , which means Mundo Ardiente , also SOñar Con Navegar You can confirm that you have changed.

In October 2017, the opposition party, which is officially released, is the background of the medieval European counterparts, as a background of the medieval European against the Middle Ages, exploring the oceans across the ocean, or looking for a lot of ruins and mysterious creatures, It is a game where you can enjoy the maritime battle.

The Line Bean Korea official said, Mobile MMORPG is ahead of the massive change, he said, he said, He said, We have a new relationship to provide another fun for the fourth anniversary of the official service, so we look forward to a new change to be released in the future. I said, he said.

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