Timberborn Factions Guide Folktails vs Iron Teeth

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Timberborn can be a pretty complicated game. That is why, along with many other things, you must discover how Timberborn s factions work from the beginning. This is what you should know


To unlock the iron teeth facility you must have an average of 8 wellness points. These are composed of multiple different things, such as social life, spirituality and hunger, to name a few.

The biggest difference between Folktails and Iron Teeth is the style in the infrastructure. Folktails uses a clearer wood and, in general, it looks more like a woody structure in nature, while Iron Teeth s infrastructure is industrial. Everything is significantly darker and narrow.

What are the differences between the factions in Timberborn?

The way they are reproduced are different. Folktails are reproduced using accommodation, while Iron Teeth use pods. This can be seen as difficult, as it means that there is no guarantee that you will get beaters easily in the same way you do with folktails. With the pods, it means that once a kit is placed inside the pod, adults are responsible for bringing them food and water, and it can be much more difficult to grow the population. This means that accommodation is not as important for iron teeth, since it is not guaranteed that your accommodation gives you the comfort they need. To cultivate a kit for iron teeth, it means that you must have access to berries to be able to add your population, so it is essential to be close to berries or plant some before you increase your population.

While the piles of trunks between factions contain the same amount of wood and have the same footprint, the iron teeth can stack them on top of each other. While this can be seen as an advantage in terms of space, it can also be a detriment for supplies, since now it costs wood to build. For folktails, it is completely free to build stacks of logs, but can not be stacked.

While the vast majority of folktails structures require wood, Iron Teeth buildings require wood and / or metal, which can make it difficult for some people to start with their faction. Depending on the type of map with which you start, it is possible that the metal is not available until you can expand, which can greatly make energy obtaining, since windmills are not available for iron teeth and their engines They require metal.

There are many buildings to which each faction does not have access, which can make it seemingly difficult in both factions. Below is a list of all the exclusive buildings of Folktail, followed by the exclusive buildings of Iron Teeth.

All lodges
Underground warehouse.
Irrigation tower
Water Pump

Exclusive buildings of Iron Teeth:

Holiday homes
Breeding pods
Stack of industrial trunks
Deep water pump

In general, there is no way to decide which faction has more difficulty, since there are certain factors that affect them both differently. Folktails need a lot of access to wood, which can be difficult when the dry season arrives. For iron teeth, they need metal, which can be difficult to access the game principle, which limits the amount of buildings to which you have access. Let us know what faction you think is more difficult!

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